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Magento vs BigCommerce

Magento vs. BigСommerce: Which One is Faster, Cheaper, and Future-Ready [2020]?

Running a business can seem like a pool of tasks. With the considerable growth rate of the ever-changing eCommerce industry, challenges of reaching the target audiences to attract new potential customers, keep them coming back, delight the repeat clients, and meet their ever-increasing expectations have also seen a steep rise. Among various eCommerce platforms available today, both Magento and BigCommerce...

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how to migrate to shopify

How to Migrate Your Online Store to Shopify. 2020 Best Practices & Recommendations

If Shopify migration is on the horizon - take time to read the post and get all the eCommerce migration-related questions answered. Hence, you'll perform the switch error-free and, as...

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What’s Next? Top 6 eCommerce Trends for 2020 Every Merchant Should Implement Asap

The 2019 year is drawing to an end and the consultants, analysts, and business experts all across the world are making their industry trend predictions for the upcoming year and...

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PrestaShop vs. Shopify

PrestaShop vs. Shopify: How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales

The online market is fast-changing, and currently, it offers retailers more than 120 different shopping carts to choose from. Since every platform has its strengths and weaknesses, it's really important...

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squarespace vs shopify vs bigcommerce

Squarespace vs Shopify vs BigCommerce: Pricing, Design, Features, Pros & Cons Compared [Updated 2019]

Competition is something everlasting and permanent. It always has been, it always will be. This aspect mainly plays an influential role in matters relating to eCommerce in 2019, whatever you’re...

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youtube channels to follow

11 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Sell More In 2020

To keep pace with evolving web technologies, you should constantly learn more about building and running your online business correctly. Сovering everything from productivity tips to personal branding, YouTube is...

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squarespace vs shopify

Squarespace vs Shopify: Which One Should You Choose to Sell More?

Choosing the best eCommerce builder is similar to picking a candy from a pack. You never know which one tastes better: milk chocolate with nuts or dark with strawberry. In...

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