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magento 2 migration extension

Top Magento 2.x Extensions that Will Revolutionize Your Store in 2020

2020 will mark the end of the Magento 1.x era. Thus, the company will stop providing security patches for this version of the platform. It will become more vulnerable for hackers, will gain functionality issues, and won't receive any updates. So, if you're an active Magento 1.x user, it's high time to start planning for the future. You still have...

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Cart2Cart Migration Facts & Statistics 2019

Having performed an in-depth analysis of Cart2Cart internal migration information, we’re now ready to name the eCommerce leaders of the previous year, as well as the platforms that have lost...

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Top Shopify Apps

Top 11 Shopify eCommerce Apps to Try in 2020

Shopify is considered to be one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and currently powers 2,782,663 online websites. It has a user-friendly interface, affordable price, efficient management tools, a wide...

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migration preview

Dispel All the Doubts with Migration Preview

When eCommerce migration is on the horizon, the biggest task is to choose the right-your-size shopping cart which will fit your evolving business requirements. With a pool of powerful platforms...

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bigcommerce alternatives

BigCommerce Competitors: Level-Up or Loss [2020]

Do you know how to check the value and quality of something you’re going to buy? The simplest way is to compare it with its opponents and available alternatives. In...

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demo migration

Demo Migration. The Purpose & Benefits

Cart2Cart is an eCommerce migration service that has been developed to make the shopping cart data migration accessible not only for tech experts but also for average users. The tool...

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additional options

Cart2Cart Additional Options - Extra Opportunities for Data Migration

Cart2Cart Team tries its best to systematically examine the service functionality to find out new solutions to satisfy customers' needs. There are different ways how e-merchants can expand migration opportunities...

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