General Questions

I’ve performed migration, but my images failed to transfer

The most common reasons why your images may fail to migrate are:

  • wrong names (encoding)
  • images are stored in unusual place
  • images are absent on the source store
  • wrong folder permission (folder with images should have CHMOD 777)
    Set the write permissions (chmod -R 777 [images_dir]) to images directory and to ALL sub-folders/files it contains..
  • too many connections while images migration can be blocked by the Firewall
  • not enough space on Target store
  • wrong image type. Cart2Cart supports several image types: .png .gif .jpeg

On the page with migration results you can download CVS file with the list of failed images. You may check all the images that haven't been migrated and, if it is possible, transfer them by yourself.

Otherwise, please contact our Support Team so we can solve the problem.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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