What are the peculiarities of store data migration to Wix?

Basically, the list of entities that can be transferred to Wix in a totally automated manner includes:

  • products,
  • orders,
  • coupons.

Сategories cannot be imported to Wix due to the technical peculiarities of the platform. As for customers - they cannot be transferred as well, but are created from the orders data automatically.

Regarding the clearing - the option is avalable only for products that are visible at your Wix store and coupons. Orders cannot be cleared at all.

Note: In case the products aren't displayed in a transferred order right after the Demo migration, it means the products weren't transferred because only a limited amount of them can be moved within the Demo. Pay attention to the number of entities-orders and subtotal-total.

To conclude, the Cart2Cart Team is working hard to improve Wix migration. So, lots of new entities are expected to be added to the list in the near future.

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How to Migrate to Wix via the "Wix Migration" app?

If you want to migrate to Wix via the "Wix Migration" app, the instructions below will help you to go through the migration process trouble-free:

Source & Target Cart Setup

Choose your current platform from the list of supported platforms and provide the required store credentials: the store’s URL address (if migrating from an open-source cart) or the store’s API details (if migrating from a hosted solution). When ready, click the Install Plugin button and add the Wix Migration app needed to enable connection with your Wix store. Once done, click the Choose Entities button.

Note: The access details are required to establish the connection between the stores automatedly. The provided information is totally secure and protected according to the Cart2Cart Privacy Policy.

Choose the data to migrate

Select the store entities that you want to be imported to Wix. Just click on the corresponding checkboxes or activate the Select All option to migrate all the store data. What’s more, take time to choose some of the additional migration options to broaden the Wix migration.

Launch demo migration

Take advantage of the demo migration and move a limited amount of data from your current store to Wix. It will take you up to 15-30min and allow you to observe the service in action.

Start full migration

By activating the Start Full Migration button, you’ll initiate all your current store data migration to Wix in a fully automated manner.

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Why weren't all my product variants imported to Wix?

Due to technical limitations of Wix platform, there are some peculiarities of product variants migration to this eCommerce solution. More specifically:

  • The upper limit of product variants and its options is 300 and 6 correspondingly. Therefore, it’s impossible to import more than 300 variants or 6 options. In case there are more of them - it is necessary to delete some product variants/options so that Wix allows you import the product;
  • If the product on the source store has some options and more than 300 variants, then it is recommended to delete some of the variants, so that Wix allows to import the product;
  • If the product on the source store has some options and no variants, and the number of possible options combinations is more than 300, then the variants will not be generated automatically, but the imported product will have options (do not forget about the limit of 6 options);
  • If there are options on the source, but no variants, and the number of possible options combinations is no more than 300, then the options will be imported, and variants will be generated;
  • if there are 6 or less options on the source store and 300 or less variants, then all the options and variants will be imported to Wix.
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There’s an issue when I’m trying to log in to the Wix admin. What should I do?

Clients logging Wix admin should keep in mind that they should have the role of the owner or at least of the co-owner - so that they can manage all aspects of the site.

login to wix admin
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Why weren't all my Wix customers migrated to the new store?

If your current Wix store has 2K+ customers, they cannot be automatically migrated by Cart2Cart due to technical limitations of the Wix platform. In this case, contact our Support Team and get your customers transferred to the new store in the custom way.

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How to turn off the email notifications on my Wix website?

If you don't want to automatically send emails to your customers to keep them informed about the status of their order, navigate to Settings -> eCommerce & Finance -> Order email notifications -> check off the matching boxes Order confirmation & Shipping confirmation.

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I get ‘Validation error’ when trying to migrate from Wix. What’s the problem?

Since Wix has no built-in eCommerce functionality, you need to install one of the eCommerce apps e.g. ‘Wix Stores’, ‘Online Store’, ‘eCommerce’, ‘Simple-e-Commerce’, etc., to start selling with this CMS.

However, currently automated migration with Cart2Cart is available from ‘Wix Stores’ app only.


Data transfer from Wix using other plugins can be provided in terms of Data Migration Package.

For any additional info, feel free to contact our Support Team.
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