Are customers and orders also migrated?

The only file from where customers can be retrieved from, on Etsy, is orders file. However, it doesn’t contain any email information, so, instead we’ll create random addresses according to this template "[email protected]" on your target store.

Note: Since order information is the only source of data about customers, the shoppers with no orders, won’t be moved to target store.

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Can Cart2Cart import my categories from Etsy?

Due to Etsy peculiarities, its categories are, in fact, tags. So, with the exception of the top category, all Etsy categories are going to be moved as tags to your target store. (more…)
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Will I save the connections between customers and products during migration from Etsy?

Etsy’s products file doesn’t contain ID information. Thus, the ID connections between products and orders are absent and can’t appear on the target store after migration. (more…)
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How do I export files from Etsy?

Etsy permits exporting items from your store in CSV format.Do the following to extract the files:
  • Log in to your Etsy admin panel
  • Step to Your Shop->Shop settings
  • Choose Options and open the Download data tab
  • Finally, press Download CSV
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