What is Joomla The Ultimate Guide

What is Joomla: The Ultimate Guide

Joomla’s market share is modest, at 2.4% of all CMS-run websites. For context, WordPress’ market share is a massive 62.7%. Going by those figures alone, you might conclude that Joomla is the inferior option. Quite the contrary! Whereas WordPress was initially a blogging platform that morphed into a CMS, Joomla was always a CMS from the get-go. It is extremely flexible and versatile, and it is chock-full of features and add-ons that give it unlimited capabilities. What is Joomla? How does it work? What can it do? In this guide, we’ll break it down. What is Joomla Software? Joomla is a robust open-source content management system (CMS) for building websites. It is licensed under the GNU General Public v2 and can be downloaded and used for free. It offers many easy-to-use features and infinite extensibility thanks to the rich repertoire of powerful integrations. The CMS is written in PHP to...

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3DCart vs X-Cart - Who Wins?

3DCart vs X-Cart - Who Wins?

Nowadays market offers a wide range of shopping carts. Which one to choose? Everyone will agree that the platform has to be easy in usage, reasonably priced, have user-friendly interface...

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How to Migrate from 3DCart to Magento [Video]

How to Migrate from 3DCart to Magento [Video]

3DCart is a hosted shopping cart with reliable servers, easy in usage admin panel and user-friendly design editor. 3DCart is often compared with Magento, which is bright representative of self-hosted...

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