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What are migration peculiarities?

Click here for Norwegian version migration has some peculiarities you should be aware of. Please get acquainted with the list below:

1. If in “Customer address” First Name, Last Name or City fields are empty, after the migration to they will be filled in as “N/A”.

2. First name, Last name, City, Country fields are obligatory to be filled in in “Order Address” and “Order Customer Info”. If they are empty, after the migration to they will be auto filled in accordance to default settings:

  • First name — N/A
  • Last name — N/A
  • City — City
  • Country — Sweden

3. All Products that aren't assigned to any Product Category on your Source Cart, will be assigned to an automatically created hidden Category in your store.

4. Before import, check if your Reviews are associated both with Product and Customer entities. If not, such Reviews will be skipped.

5. Orders that are not associated with any customer will be skipped. This may happen if an order was placed by a guest or the customer was deleted.

6. “Clear current data on Target Store before Migration” additional option might take more time to perform during import than on average.

7. Since there’s no category path in URL structure, some URLs after migration might be duplicated. In this case, a suffix will be added e.g. -1, -2, etc.


There’s two following product URLs in your Source Cart:

After migration to, those URLs will be considered as duplicated, since they both will be:

To avoid duplicates, number suffixes to URL structures will be added e.g.:

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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