Can I migrate customer passwords to/from CS-Cart?

The migration of customers’ passwords is supported during data export from СS-Cart to Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and ThirtyBees. You’ll need to install the plugin to ensure accurate transfer. Click here for the most updated information on Source and Target carts within which the migration of passwords is possible and click on the required shopping cart pair to get detailed instructions on how to install Cart2Cart passwords migration plugin.

Besides, you’ll be able to migrate clients’ passwords during the CS-Cart Upgrade. Once you are importing data from one version of CS-Cart to another one, you’ll be able to choose this free option while launching the migration. No plugin installation is required in this case. Just choose this option while launching CS-Cart upgrade via Cart2Cart.

Contact Support to get more info and check the peculiarities of your future migration.