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What URL address should I use for Migration Wizard?

On the Migration Wizard you will be asked to paste your store URL. It has to be your front end URL, but not admin panel URL.

Please note, Big Cartel is a hosted shopping cart that allows merchants to change the initial domain name of your store to a unique one. However, in order to perform an automated data migration, you have to use the default URL address. It has to look like as the only required data for your Big Cartel store.

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How to export orders from Big Cartel in a CSV file?

If you wish to move your order history from Big Cartel to another store, you will need to perform a few simple steps. Due to API platform peculiarities Cart2Cart is not able to collect this data automatically.

1. Log into your Big Cartel Admin panel

2. Go to your Orders Tab

3. Press Export CSV button on the right bottom

How to export orders from Big Cartel in a CSV file?

4. Save the file on your computer

5. Proceed to Import Data step of Migration Wizard

6. Upload Orders.csv file

7. Proceed to the next step of your migration.

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Is it possible to migrate data to Big Cartel shopping cart?

Cart2Cart doesn’t provide an opportunity to migrate data to Big Cartel. This shopping cart is a hosted solution that doesn’t offer import data function.


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Why did my item count change after I migrated from Big Cartel?

After migration from Big Cartel, the value of every product’s quantity will be set to 1000 due to shopping cart peculiarities.


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