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How Migration Insurance works?

Migration Insurance is a service, that allows merchants to restart migration a couple of times during determined period. For your better convenience, select one of the plans provided and get an opportunity to rerun the same migration up to 3 times during up to 60 days. Comparing to Remigration service, Migration Insurance is cheaper and costs 9 - 13% of your total migration price. Check the following table to see what plans are provided:

Migration Insurance
Migration Insurance
Migration Insurance
Number of Migrations +1 +2 +3
Insurance Period 7 days 14 days 60 days

If you will need to restart an insured migration, there will be an opportunity to do it in one click from your account page. The transfer will be completely the same as initial migration, including additional options selected before. In case you wish to add extra options that weren’t added during the first data migration, you will need to contact our Support Team.

Free additional option called “Clear current data from a Target Store before migration” is included to every repeated migration. This will minimize the risk of mixed or duplicated data after migration.

Please note! The additional option “Clear current data from a Target Store before migration” is irreversible, so it is highly recommended to make a backup before restarting migration.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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