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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges that e-merchants have to overcome. The truth is that your cart abandonment rate will never reach zero, since customers leave the store due to various reasons that you cannot control. However, it’s definitely possible to reduce the abandonment rate and therefore increase conversions & revenue of the e-business.

WooCommerce, a platform for almost 30% of all online stores, has an abundance of plugins and services able to improve your chances of closing the deal. So, if you want to recover a significant portion of sales that you are losing right now, enjoy our review of top 5 WooCommerce plugins to prevent cart abandonment.

To calculate the cart abandonment rate on your WooCommerce store, divide the total number of completed purchases by the number of created carts, and subtract from 1 and multiply by 100 to get the percentage. For example, if you have 300 carts created, and 100 completed purchases, then your cart abandonment rate is: 100 / 300 = 0.33, 1 - 0.33 = 0.66, 0.66 * 100 = 66%.

Abandoned Cart Pro

One of the most effective tactics of recovering sales that would otherwise be lost is sending your customers follow up emails. Abandoned Cart Pro from Tyche Softwares is a perfect WooCommerce plugin that allows to create automatic & well-timed email reminders. As long as your customer entered the email address at some point, and then left the store with items in their cart before completing a checkout, the plugin helps to return them back through emails.

WooCommerce plugins

The emails sent to your visitors can contain the products that were abandoned, as well as a link directly to the checkout page so that they could complete the sale quickly. You can also include a discount coupon, as an incentive to return to your store.

The plugin works off-the-shelf and goes with three customizable email templates, automated coupon generator, possibility to capture abandoned guest carts and a robust reporting system on its performance. While free version with limited functionality is available, one year of license and support for PRO version applicable on a single store will cost you as much as $119.

Sticky Ecommerce Targeted Offer

Sticky is a simple yet effective tool that allows to prevent potential customers from leaving your store before completing the purchase.

woocommerce plugins

Sticky Ecommerce Targeted Offer can be used for various goals, e.g. asking to join your mailing list, take part in a customer survey, informing on an important matter, or encouraging to complete the order. It works in a background and keeps a constant track of the mouse movement of your website visitors. Whenever it sees they’re about to leave your site with items added to cart, it displays a popup with a discount, as an incentive to fulfill the checkout. According to its official website, such tactic can (and will) reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate by 15%.

The popups are highly customizable and can be adjusted to all of your needs, so they won’t trigger when it’s not necessary. There is a free plan which will show the offer 500 times. Afterward, you will need to upgrade to one of the paid monthly plans to keep it functioning.


Unlike other WooCommerce plugins and tools in this list, SessionCam will leave the burden of recovering sales on you. Instead, it’ll provide you with all the data needed to reveal the bottlenecks of your checkout process that keep making your customers leave empty-handed.

WooCommerce plugins

SessionCam includes features for recording customer journey in real-time, replaying them, analyzing recorded activity and generating behavioural heat maps for mouse movement and clicks. It can also be integrated with Google Analytics or CMS for even fuller insights on understanding the conversion funnel, as well as how to tackle cart abandonment.

SessionCam works as a SaaS with a monthly subscription, but can be easily installed on your store as a plugin. A free trial is available too.

Checkout Field Editor

If you happen to use SessionCam, it will most certainly show you that a big percentage of customers leave on a checkout page. Why? Because shoppers don’t want to fill in a long list of form fields asking for unnecessary information.

WooCommerce plugins

Checkout Field Editor plugin for WooCommerce makes it easy for a merchant to add and remove form fields. For example, you can quickly remove certain fields from the billing, shipping, and “order notes” sections. This will allow to make your checkout page more straightforward and, as a result, reduce the number of confused customers abandoning the store.

Single site subscription for Checkout Field Editor will cost you as little as $49 only.

Cart Reports

WooCommerce Cart Reports is an easy-to-use WooCommerce plugins that provides real-time metrics in your customer’s open, converted and abandoned shopping carts. All the data collected by the extension will be turned into insightful graphs, which allows to keep the track of correlation of closed / abandoned carts easily and conveniently.

WooCommerce plugins

The data collected by the extension will be instantly accessible from an admin panel in a new “Carts” tab in the WooCommerce “Reports”. There you’ll be able to view the number of converted / abandoned carts over a custom date range, date of a customer being last online, most abandoned products, and product abandonment rate by month. Also, there’s a possibility to email customers with abandoned carts right from the very same window.

Single site subscription costs $79, which makes the extension a bit pricey, but still worth its money.

It's a Wrap

Though there are plenty of WooCommerce plugins that allow reducing cart abandonment and get the most out of your existing traffic, we've handpicked the best 5 WooCommerce plugins that really deliver great results and offer up-to-date features. So, take time to test them and pick the one that fits your specific eCommerce marketing strategy best.