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Whether your company is a start-up or well-established business choosing the best B2B eCommerce platform is crucial if business goals are challenging. Top Commerce solutions for B2C businesses are analyzed inside out and there is a bunch of materials available. Yet, once business-to-business commerce is the sphere you explore reviews are rare. At Cart2Cart we are always one step ahead and the wave of B2B businesses development is the one we catch and invite you to surf with us.

The best B2B eCommerce platforms are defined. Take full advantage of top-7 best B2B eCommerce solutions review that will help you to break B2B wave with ease!

$7.7 trillion - Impressive Number to Consider

Do you know how much money B2B businesses have earned in 2017? The numbers are stunning - $7.7 trillion! If compared to B2C companies it is three times more - business-to-customer firms has earned $2.4 trillion. Media and eCommerce experts extensively discuss B2B boom and predict that business-to-business eCommerce market share will be twice as size as B2C companies. Compare eCommerce sales in B2C and B2B worldwide. The chart by statista-dot-com shows the increase in B2C sales from 2012 to 2018:

B2C sales from 2012 to 2018

The chart below illustrates global B2B e-commerce gross merchandise volume (GMV) from 2013 to 2017 (in billion U.S. dollars) and the sums are truly astronomical.

B2B e-commerce gross merchandise volume

Experts make predictions that till 2020 1 million US B2B salespeople will become unemployed as business-to-business buyers claim they would rather purchase online saving time and receiving products directly from vendors. Having an eCommerce website has become a non-negotiable part of doing B2B business.

B2B eCommerce forecasts

The benefits B2B eCommerce is offering are huge:

  • Larger number of B2B buyers
  • Increased amount of sales channels
  • Dynamic pricing for each particular client
  • Higher average order value ($491 compared to $147 in b2c);
  • Digital Customer Service
  • Direct integration with B2B Wholesale System
  • Improved brand awareness

93% of B2B customers Prefer Closing the Deals Online

Most importantly, by launching B2B company webstore you are where your clients await you! You are online! Available to orders 24/7

According to go-dot-forrester-dot-com survey, almost 75% of B2B clients admit that making orders directly from a website is more convenient than dealing with a real sales representative. Another impressive finding - 93% say they would rather buy online once they’ve decided what product is needed.

Ideal algorithm for B2B business is found - get your customer interested and be available online to be found with ease. Closing the deal is a matter of a few clicks now. You avoid long hours of negotiations and frustrating pointless discussions. This is truly a smart alternative.

Entirely Different Game

Choosing relevant B2B eCommerce solution is significant as once you’ve picked wrong platform you’ve invested your time and capital in vain. The storefront will not help you to achieve your ambitious goals but will create a new, huge obstacle on the way to success.

Understandably, key aspects of choosing an eCommerce software solutions remain similarly important both to B2C and B2B businesses. Ease of use and ongoing maintenance, responsive designs and customization capabilities, advanced eCommerce functionality and reasonable pricing, SEO characteristics, and website data security remain similarly significant to B2B. Yet, with B2B the list of requirements is more extensive as its business model of B2B noticeably differs from b2c. Keep the following parameters in mind while choosing the best eCommerce platform for B2B.

Checklist for Choosing B2B eCommerce Platform

You can use it to identify all key requirements that should impact your decision on eCommerce platform to launch and develop B2B business. Pay attention to these B2B eCommerce platform features:

  • Functionality for self-service
  • High level of scalability
  • Custom pricing
  • Online negotiations and bargaining
  • Payment options
  • PCI security
  • Purchase history
  • Cross-sells and upsells
  • Search-engine visibility
  • Mobile commerce
  • Wish lists
  • Integration upfront

Seven B2B eCommerce Solutions that Stand out of the Crowd

We've pulled together this ecommerce platform comparison to help you find the best B2B eCommerce platform for your business.

Opencart Logo


Opencart e-stores look professional and offer really stylish appearance. Opencart is simple to set up and use offering plenty of responsive templates and designs. Using intuitive interface requires no tech knowledge and enables merchants to manage eCommerce data with ease.

Once you decide to integrate to B2B sphere the platform offers you to install Opencart B2B Marketplace module. It will turn your e-store into advanced B2B marketplace. You will get a website where your company will be able to interact with other businesses.

The main features of Opencart B2B module:

  • Creation of user groups with particular rights according to their needs
  • Setting up sub user by your B2B customers
  • Products might be send for review by website admin if the client has no right to order goods
  • Arranging of child groups with particular parent group rights
  • Sending template-based emails for particular group of customers
  • Enabling clients to add Simple and Downloadable products
  • Selecting shipping method for particular seller
  • Catalog module configuration
  • Statistics on seller’s income, total order, total buyers, latest order
  • Separate dashboard for a seller for managing orders
  • Creation of partner/ vendor/ customer group during registration
  • Direct communication between customers and admin
Top Best B2B eCommerce Solutions to Catch the Wave


Prestashop is open source eCommerce platform and enables high level of customization. With PrestaShop, building a website from scratch is no longer a problem. PrestaShop has vast selection of professional eCommerce themes, over 50 world-class payment solutions and gateways, integrated customer service tools and quick install features.

Once you are willing to create B2B store based on Prestashop there is a range of modules enabling you to personalize your e-store and adapt it to full-scale functioning in B2B eCommerce. You can take full advantage of 38 B2B modules for PrestaShop. The most popular of them:

  • Customers registration validated by administrator
  • Private Shop module for B2B business
  • Billing HT (without VAT) - B2B
  • Invoice Without Tax
  • VAT1 Dual display of prices tax excl. and tax incl.
  • B2B Validate user registration, hide price for visitors
3dcart logo


3dcart knows exactly how to turn your website visitors into B2B customers. Needless to say, but the software doesn’t stop to perform a continuous enhancement of functionality and offers more possibilities, including an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, customizable themes, controlled visibility, numerous integrations and service for a smooth workflow, which let you keep both B2B and B2C up and running.

Okay, you get the idea. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important B2B features of 3dcart:

    • Customer Segmentation.

Group our clients into B2B segments to provide them with individualized attention. It’s widely known, that B2B is more complex than B2C, thus it requires forward-looking and superior options to use. Selling to other business, a retailer should bend to a customer, bearing in mind the nuances associated with multiple buyer experiences. With 3dcart you will never face the difficulties if you want to hide your bulk pricing from B2C customers or hide your B2B website from non-registered members.

    • One-click reorder

Speaking of B2B, time is the most pricey strategic asset. 3dcart is heavily focused on seamless customer experience. That’s why all customers are able to save an order in the private account to be reordered in a single click. Rather than wasting time by reentering the same product on a regular basis, 3dcart customers enjoy the benefits of easy-to-use and intuitively designed website.

    • Pricing, payment, and ordering customization options

This specific functionality aimed at setting different budget levels, minimum order quantities, payment terms, discounts, and shipping arrangement based on the business type and groups of customers. This means offering dynamic pricing, that depends on order size and customer relationship.

    • Volume bulk ordering and product quantity discounts

In most cases, B2B customers buy products in bulk. 3dcart enables all clients to set discounts depending on order quantity. Bulk discounts are not affected by customer group pricing and price levels and can be combined with other budget options.

Moreover, 3dcart offers the Quick Order Pad is an intuitive and smooth way to streamline the bulk orders significantly. It’s your go-to app for wholesale products, that allows adding a large number of items to an order in just a few clicks.

    • Flexible tax management

You can set up tax exemption and calculation rules to determine them automatically. Establish linkage between product categories and customer groups to prevent confusion.

Bigcommerce logo


BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce store builder enabling you to succeed in B2B sphere saving time and resources available. BigCommerce will provide you with comprehensive set of eCommerce tools out-of-the-box. You can access your audience through different social channels and integrate with most powerful eCommerce applications.

Here are the key advantages BigCommerce guarantees to B2B businesses:

      • Stylish and responsive B2B ecommerce websites
      • Simplified segmentation
      • Discounted and custom pricing
      • Integration with backend systems
      • Access to B2B-specific payment solutions
      • Quote builder integrations
      • Per-unit cost and automatically applied volume discounts
      • Quick re-orders
      • Advanced shipping methods


WooCommerce is the best eCommerce WordPress Plugin that currently empowers 42% of live online stores worldwide (source: trends.builtwith.com). To launch and manage e-store on WooCommerce is particularly easy, especially for those who are used to working with WordPress.

There are numerous of themes and plugins, specific hosting and maintenance services, and performance optimization for this online shopping solution.

Ecommerce Usage Statistics

WooCommerce provides fully-featured eCommerce platform that is particularly easy to extend - there are numerous add-ons to extend your e-store functionality. Some of them a purely wholesale B2B plugins. The others might benefit both B2C and B2B companies.

In terms of business-to-business online commerce WooCommerce will give you the following functionality:

      • Wholesale-friendly layout

With WooCommerce your B2B clients will be able to select multiple products and create orders quickly and effortlessly.

      • Confidential information secured

The prices and business offers you create should not be available to everyone. Using WooCommerce you can easily hide the necessary information from your public website and provide the access to the wholesale version only to registered B2B customers. Create password protected wholesale categories which are hidden from B2C parts of your website.

      • Increase conversion rates

Maintaining online store on WooCommerce you can deliver valuable information to particular target audience and increase your brand loyalty. You are also able to segment Audience To Increase ROI Of Paid Advertising. With WooCommerce you can guarantee excellent support to your clients and become real expert in your sphere.

      • High level of scalability

WooCommerce helps you to think in long perspective and will provide you with necessary functionality to expand your online store capabilities once your B2B business develops and demands more advanced eCommerce capabilities.

Shopify Plus

Citizen, Tesla, Motorola, Adidas and L’Oreal are the most popular brands that are currently using Shopify Plus and are the real well-known companies that conquered B2B business. Shopify is one of leading eCommerce platforms and powers currently nearly a million online shops.

The main advantages you get as B2B merchant choosing Shopify Plus as your target eCommerce solution:

      • Launching multiple websites from a single backend (if necessary with different URLs)
      • Dedicated storefronts for international ecommerce
      • 24/7 e-store performance ensured by hosted solution
      • 20 sales channels integrated directly into your merchant dashboard
      • Advanced custom pricing capabilities
      • Integration with Avalara for automated taxation
      • Powerful platform that can manage up to 8000 orders per minute
      • 1500+ built apps
      • SSL Certificate (storefront & checkout)
      • 100+ and one-step check out

Wholesale Ecommerce Channel for Shopify Plus can be installed with one click and tap. To get detailed instruction follow How to Launch a Wholesale Ecommerce Channel. Amazing apps in Shopify marketplace that can help you achieve any B2B feature you may need.


According to website The Forrester Wave Magento was named best B2B platform. Reviewing major features Magento offers to B2B online merchants you will agree with the claim that Magento is virtually the best eCommerce solution for business-to-business companies.

This eCommerce solution suggests a clear path forward for B2B companies that strive to enhance their customer experience and purchasing process. Magento is an all-in-one platform offering rich, built-in B2B functionality. It helps you to achieve even the most challenging business goals.

Being industry leader Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise) offers 100-inbuilt B2B features:

      • Reliable, cloud-based commerce
      • Extensive native B2B functionality
      • Personalized buying experiences
      • Custom catalog and pricing
      • Robust merchandising
      • Single platform for B2B and B2C
      • Easy integration with backend systems
      • Support of corporate accounts
      • Ordering that is Friction-free
      • Multi-Channel Selling
      • Effortless management and detailed reporting
      • Quoting and negotiations
      • Optimized Inventory and Order Processing

Once you opt for Magento you can simultaneously manage B2C and B2B e-stores constantly developing your business and increasing your profits month after month.

One of the most important advantages is that you can try Demo version of MagentoCommerce.


OroCommerce is an eCommerce platform built from the ground up for B2B. This means best-in-class flexibility, customizations, and features that matter to B2B eCommerce software right out of the box. OroCommerce also includes extensive integrations and a built-in CRM to ensure the consistency and integrity of customer data across your organization.

Here are the key features of OroCommerce:

  • Capable to serve any B2X scenario,
  • Multi-website and multi-language capabilities,
  • Advanced roles and access permission controls,
  • Simple and configurable products matrix,
  • Ability to manage millions of SKUs,
  • Powerful pricing engine,
  • Advanced file and content management,
  • Vast store-front personalization options,
  • Workflow automation engine,
  • Quotes and proposals features,
  • Robust reporting engine,
  • Built-in CRM,
  • Extensive API.

Bottom Line

Our list of best B2B eCommerce software solutions includes TOP platforms that will become your true helpers on the way to business success. B2B eCommerce platform comparison will come in handy once you Magento is the shopping cart that comprises the most extensive list of features and advantages, yet each of platform included in this list would become a great choice.

B2B is developing at a fast pace and if all predictions are correct it is the most profitable business online merchants should strive for.

If you are currently possessing a shopping cart and B2B is something you are interested in do not worry about the limited functionality of your current shopping cart. With Cart2Cart automated migration service you can always transfer your eCommerce data to another out of 80+ supported, more robust eCommerce platform and enjoy its benefits. The switch requires no tech knowledge to launch and actual data transfer process does not interfere with your old store performance.

Ready to turn your eCommerce solution into a really powerful one? Perform Free Demo and break the highest waves of B2B eCommerce with ease!