Magento vs PrestaShop

Still deciding between Magento vs PrestaShop? The post aims to provide you with a comprehensive Magento vs PrestaShop review to help you clarify the winner between these two leading platforms - Prestashop and Magento.

Table of Contents:

  1. Magento vs PrestaShop. Designs and Templates
  2. Magento vs PrestaShop. Ease of use
  3. Magento vs PrestaShop. eCommerce functionality
  4. Magento vs PrestaShop. Plugins and Extensions
  5. Magento vs PrestaShop. Pricing
  6. Magento vs PrestaShop. SEO
  7. Magento vs PrestaShop. Support
  8. Magento vs PrestaShop. Which One Should You Choose for Online Business?
  9. Final Words


Both Prestashop and Magento are open-source eCommerce platforms that will allow you to start and manage an online store successfully. What concerns customization capabilities both solutions will allow you to create an e-shop you have in mind that will be unique and will meet your company requirements just perfectly.


To launch a shop you would require some tech knowledge both with PrestaShop and Magento. Prestashop is considered a bit simpler and, thus, would be recommended for beginners and those merchants who are not particularly tech-savvy. Maybe, Magento is somewhat more complicated, yet the functionality Magento offers out-of-the-box cannot be compared with any other solution currently available on the eCommerce market.


The official Prestashop website claims that this eCommerce solution currently helps more than 300,000 online retailers manage their stores and develop eCommerce businesses. Magento currently empowers more than 743,682 websites worldwide. Clearly, Magento is favored, nevertheless, PrestaShop has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. And eCommerce experts predict it would become one of Magento alternatives in the nearest future.

Below you’ll find 7 core characteristics for side-by-side friendly comparison between PrestaShop and Magento. Take time to carefully examine them and once done, you'll surely be able to make the right decision for your online business.

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Magento vs PrestaShop. Designs and Templates

Magento vs PrestaShop Designs and Templates

PrestaShop themes are elegant, professional and stylish. You are encouraged to choose from almost 4,000 free and paid Prestashop templates that will have extra responsiveness features, themes color switcher, mega menu option, graphics included and front editor if you wish.

Prestashop theme

Magento themes can easily be found on Magento Marketplace and come with an efficient and trendy look and well-organized categories. This is absolutely not a problem as there is a considerable supply of third-party designs. You can find the most adorable ones visiting ThemeForest and find the one that will appeal to your clients the most. At this point, Magento will offer you more variants of design to choose from, you’ll have to spend some time discovering the huge amount of them. Most importantly, you can develop your own Magento theme once you have the necessary tech skills.

Magento theme

Magento vs PrestaShop. Ease of use

Magento vs PrestaShop

In comparison to Magento vs PrestaShop, the first one would be a greater option once you are tech-challenged. It is much easier to customize your Prestashop store. This platform has simplified the daily management of the store owner that will help you concentrate on important issues. You’ll be able to optimize your online store with the help of advanced analytics and dashboard modules.

Which eCommerce platform suits you best?

Magento is currently known to be the most flexible shopping cart ever. This solution is a real masterpiece of software craftsmanship and will guarantee unlimited capabilities to tech-savvy online merchants. Daily management of the online store on Magento will be a real pleasure, and it is fairly simple. For launching and setting the website, you’ll need either experience in web development or to hire a professional to help you.

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Magento vs PrestaShop. eCommerce functionality

Magento vs PrestaShop eCommerce functionality

Prestashop shopping cart offers 500+ features already built-in. You get all the essential functionality that an online merchant needs to start an online business. Intelligent Merchant KPI and Forecasting comprise the PrestaShop unique features that enhance its statistical facilities

To add, this eCommerce solution offers eCommerce Analytics that will help you analyze the traffic and make the most insightful decisions concerning your business strategy. These data will help you grow customer conversions and increase your audience. To add, Prestashop offers integrations that will enable you to export products listings directly to eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping and other popular marketplaces.

Magento shopping cart guarantees top-notch eCommerce functionality, including everything from promotions to private sales and client segmentation. To be specific, check these key Magento eCommerce features:

  • Customer segmentation, targeted promotions and merchandising
  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations
  • Persistent Shopping
  • Automated email marketing reminder
  • Private sales
  • Gift registry and gifting options
  • Reward points
  • Store credits and multiple wish lists
  • Return management authorization and many many more

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Click here to check the full record of Magento Features List. We’re more than sure that the description will impress you.

Magento vs PrestaShop. Plugins and Extensions

Magento vs PrestaShop addons and extentions

Magento offers more functionality out-of-the-box. Nevertheless, the supply for the extension has always been vast. Recently a new Magento Marketplace has been released and it provides currently nearly 5,500 extensions, both paid and free. Yet we are sure the amount will increase significantly in a couple of weeks and Magneto will take its leading position back very quickly.

Prestashop Add-ons Marketplace suggests 10,000 modules, graphic themes, and services that will allow you to add new capacities in a few clicks. Here you’ll find valuable modules to boost any eCommerce business. Everything from drop-shipping to flash sales!

Magento vs PrestaShop. Pricing

Magento vs PrestaShop pricing

Prestashop is an open-source shopping cart that is free to download and use. Wait a moment! It does not mean that this shopping cart is no-expense. If this were true the decision between PrestaShop pricing or Magento pricing would be obvious.

Prestashop has a paid web hosting where the payments may vary. Besides, there is no other way to launch a functional Prestashop store without purchasing several charged modules and a responsive template.

Magento is also an open-source platform. Therefore, the additional fees will include hosting, theme, and add-ons. But with Magento you pay for the functionality that has no alternatives.

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Magento vs PrestaShop. SEO

Magento vs PrestaShop SEO capabilities

PrestaShop has sufficient functionality in terms of SEO optimization. As for the main benefits, opting for Prestashop, you will get:

  • Automated URL rewriting
  • Dedicated SEO content sections for products
  • CMS pages for creation of quality content
  • Advanced functionality Premium SEO module (for i.e., automatic filling in of meta tags and social meta tags)

Regarding eCommerce functionality, Magento SEO capabilities are vast. A range of SEO settings is available in Magento out-of-the-box. Among them are meta tags for products and home pages, images optimization, canonical tags for categories and products, edits of robot.txt files, etc.

Ecommerce-platforms has conducted comprehensive research of the most popular eCommerce solutions and Magento scores 95 points out of 100, a great result!

Magento SEO

Magento vs PrestaShop. Support

Magento vs PrestaShop Support

Magento Support guarantees free 24/7 customer assistance. By logging to your Magento account, you will be able to open a support ticket. Once any peculiar tech assistance is required with Magento Open Source, you can reach out to certified solution partner. Vast documentation is available, and the significant issues are analyzed thoroughly on Magento Forums that have nearly 455216 members and more than 163969 posts available.

magento vs prestashop

Prestashop Support offers assistance that could be hardly compared with any other eCommerce open source solution, the only thing - it is charged. The sweet option - PrestaShop Advisors will help you select the Support Pack that will match your requirements. Some of the primary and cheapest Prestashop Support Plans are:

magento vs prestashop

To add, there is a lot of documentation, webinars, videos, tutorials, and white papers on Prestashop available once you decide to cope with everything by yourself.

Characteristics Magento PrestaShop
Ease of use Requires technical skills Beginners-friendly
Functionality Advanced built-in integrations Basic
Extensions Over 5000 extensions. Over 4000 extensions
Supported inventory size Can manage up to 200 000 products and up to 500 000 with proper optimization Up to 100 000 products
Pricing Free Free

Magento vs PrestaShop. Which One Should You Choose for Online Business?

PrestaShop is a perfect solution for merchants who run small, mid-size businesses with a moderate budget and have a medium level of tech skills. Magento is an ultimate way for entrepreneurs who are the owners of the medium, big (+enterprise-sized) businesses with a high budget and have advanced tech skills.

Both Prestashop and Magento are stable and robust software on the market of eCommerce solutions. The two are aimed at different types of businesses with different budgets, different demands, and goals ahead. Because only you know your business inside out and only you are aware of the tiniest peculiarity that should be taken into account - the decision is all yours!

Watch our video tutorial to see how easy it is to automatically migrate from PrestaShop to Magento with the help of the Cart2Cart migration tool:

It is up to you to choose the key factors that would impact your decision. The main thing - both Prestashop and Magento will become excellent choices to perform migration to in 2022 and will raise your business to an entirely new, advanced level. You WILL certainly be impressed!

Check out our infographic to get a better understanding of the migration process via Cart2Cart:

magento vs presta

Magento vs PrestaShop - FAQs

Is PrestaShop better than Magento?

Magento is more feature-rich as compared to PrestaShop, but requires a technical expert. And if you are running a large store with a high budget, Magento would be best for you. PrestaShop is mostly used for beginners, is cheap, simple, and is widely used for small businesses.

Can I use Magento and PrestaShop to create an ecommerce site with no coding experience?

Yes, you absolutely can. Both ecommerce platforms might take some getting used to, but Magento presents a steeper learning curve. Still, if you’re willing to invest enough time and effort, you can master them.

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Final Words

What is there remained to add? Do not let your decision of migration to another, more robust shopping carts into a nightmare when you have to deal with every tech issue yourself or pay extra costs to hire a developer to perform the job. Turn to Cart2Cart automated service to perform the shopping cart migration fast and accurate.

With our service, you can perform your store data migration either from Prestashop to Magento or Magento to PrestaShop and transfer your eCommerce data across these highly functional carts in a couple of hours. Note that your current store performance won’t be affected, and there is no need to worry about order processing delays and unhappy customers. 100% uptime of the Source Cart is guaranteed!

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