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How can I export data from Network Solutions?

In order to perform the Network Solutions migration, you'll need upload the .csv files with entities to Cart2Cart Migration Wizard.

To do so, export the appropriate files from Network Solutions first. Please, follow the instructions provided below.

Q: How can I export products from Network solutions?

    1. Log in to your Network Solutions admin panel. Go to Export Data section.
    2. Now, specify your products for export. Choose All Products.


    1. Pick up CSV format in a File type section.
    2. Click on “Select all” (recommended) or specify the fields you're willing to export. Then, click on “Export file” button.

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Q: How can I export customers from Network solutions?

The same goes with the customers exporting.

    1. Choose Customers in Export Section.
    2. Pick up CSV format to export and click on “Export file” button.


Q: How can I export orders from Network Solutions?

    1. Choose Orders in Export section.
    2. Enter a specific data range of the orders you wish to migrate or pick up the range from a drop-down list.


  1. Choose all Order Statuses.
  2. Pick up the CSV format and click “Export file”.

Q: How can I export categories from Network Solutions?

In order to export categories, stick to the following instructions:

  1. Choose Categories in Export Section.
  2. Pick up CSV format to export and click on "Export file" button.

Now when you're done with all of the necessary selections, press on “Export file” button. After that you'll be ready to upload your entities files to Cart2Cart Migration Wizard.

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