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Where can I get Client ID, Secret and Authorization Code?

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In order to enable data migration to, you will need to provide API Details for your store i.e. Client ID, Client Secret and Authorization Code. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to get this information on your own.

  1. In order to start, go to Mystore API.
  2. Firstly, provide your Store Name(Butikk)- the one you entered during online store registration.
  3. Then, enter your credentials you use to login store's admin panel: the Admin email (Epostadresse) and Admin password (Passord). Click 'Logg Inn'.

  4. In section “OAuth Clients” choose “Create New Client”.
  5. mystoreno-create-new-client-api-details

  6. In the field “Name” type “Сart2Сart” and paste the following link to Redirect URL field:
  7. name-redirect-url-create-client-api-details-mystore

  8. After creating the new client, copy the Client ID and the Secret and paste them to the corresponding fields in Cart2Cart Migration Wizard.
  9. client-id-api-details-mystore-shopping-cart-migration
  10. After filling in Client ID and Client Secret fields, click “Grant Access” and you will be redirected to Mystore API again. If required, provide your Store Name, Email and Password again. Then click “Logg Inn”.
  11. mystore-no-migration

  12. Click “Authorize” to permit Сart2Сart to access your store.
  13. image04
  14. After authorizing, you’ll be redirected to Migration Wizard with the Authorization Code field filled in automatically. Now, when all the needed API info is provided, you're ready to proceed with entities selection by clicking Choose Entities.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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