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How can I download the CSV files for migration from Lightspeed?

While migrating categories from Lightspeed store you’ll need to upload CSV files for the categories you wish to export. Follow the steps below to find them in your e-shop admin panel.

  1. In the left-side menu select the category “Tools” and click “Export” tab.
  2. lightspeed export
  3. In the right upper corner click on the “New Export” button.
  4. lightspeed export
  5. From the drop-down list you’ll be able to choose the category you need to download CSV-file for.
  6. lightspeed export
  7. After your inquiry has been processed you get the button “Download” active and will be able to load the files with the required data.
  8. lightspeed export
  9. Choose the necessary csv file while launching the automated data migration.
  10. lightspeed export

Contact Cart2Cart Support Team if you’ve experienced any difficulties.

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How can I export data files from Lightspeed?

While exporting items from your Lightspeed eStore in CSV format, do the following to extract data:

  1. Log into your Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Inventory and step to Item Search.

    Lightspeed data files export
  3. Press the Export button to upload the file to your computer.

    Lightspeed data files export
  4. Repeat the procedure for these files:
  • Inventory → Brands;
  • Inventory → Categories;

    Lightspeed data files export
  • Customers → Customers;

    Lightspeed data files export
  • Settings → Tax Classes;
  • Settings → Discounts.

    Lightspeed data files export
  1. Choose the right file, upload this data to the Migration Wizard and proceed to the next step. Please note that the file name should match the appropriate value.

    Lightspeed data files export

Happy Migration!

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