How to enable multiple languages on your Shopify store after migration?

Cart2Cart provides a possibility to migrate multiple languages to your newly-established Shopify store.

Currently, we support the migration of the following entities in multiple languages:

How to enable multiple languages on Shopify in 6 steps

  1. In your Shopify admin go to Settings → Store languages.
  2. In the Store Languages section tap the Add language button.
  3. Select the needed language and click Add.
  4. Once done, go to the Unpublished languages section and activate the chosen language by hitting the Publish button.
  5. Note: Shopify will let you add up to 5 languages and Shopify Plus - up to 20.

  6. Go to the Shopify App Store and install one of the available translation apps (e.g., Translate My Currency and Store).
  7. Use the app to translate and publish your store’s content.