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Where can I get Shopify API Password?

To get the new Shopify API token, navigate to Settings -> Apps and sales channels -> Develop apps -> Allow custom app development (if needed) -> Create an app .

shopify API password

Click the Configure Admin API scopes, tick all the checkboxes.

shopify Configure Admin API scopes

Click the Save and the Install App buttons.

shopify Install App

Install the App and get the Admin API access token that can be used on the migration wizard.

shopify Install the App

If the Admin API access token is created already, log in to your current Shopify store admin interface. Navigate to Settings -> Apps and sales channels -> Develop apps -> Create an app for your store. Choose your custom app -> Manage credentials.

shopify api password

Note: To protect your data, you’ll only be able to reveal your Admin API token once. In case you need to create a new API token, press the Uninstall app button -> Uninstall -> and get the new token.


Watch our video tutorial to see how to get the Shopify API password:

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