How to install Cart2Cart Magento® Upgrade module on Magento 2?

1. First of all, add to cart and check out with free Cart2Cart Magento® Upgrade extension on Magento Marketplace

2. Then, login to Magento 2 admin panel.

3. Step to System->Web Wizard Setup Magento® Upgrade module

4. Open Component Manager Magento® Upgrade module

5. Press Sign in to sync your Magento Marketplace purchases

6. Paste your Public Access Key and Private Access Key, to find them

  • Log in to Magento Marketplace
  • Choose Marketplace tab and open My Access Key.
  • Then, open Magento 2 tab and copy the needed accesses. If you don’t have an Access Key yet, create a new one.
  • Magento® Upgrade module

    7. Click the Sync button

    8. When the procedure is done, you’ll see all your New Updates and New Purchases (one of which is Cart2Cart plugin) Magento® Upgrade module

    9. Press Install underneath the number of New Purchases

    10. Afterwards, launch the three extension installation stages (Readiness Check, Create Back Up, Component Install) one by one.

    In case an error occurs during Readiness Check - make sure your cron jobs are set up properly. Magento® Upgrade module

    How to use the plugin once it is installed?

    • If your Cart2Cart installation were done properly, you should see the Cart2Cart Wizard menu on the bottom of the page - open it.
    • Log in to your Cart2Cart account if you are registered. If not - create one, or use your Facebook (Google Plus) account.
    • Press the Start Demo Migration button
    • Provide your current Magento store URL, download the Connection Bridge, , unzip and upload it to your current Magento store root folder.
    • For your new Magento store, simply press “Install Connection Bridge” button.
    • Choose entities you wish to migrate and, optionally, some additional options to expand your migration possibilities.
    • Launch free Demo Migration, and a limited number of entities will be moved to your new live Magento store in 30 minutes.
    • Once the procedure is done, select Migration Insurance Plan, if needed. After that launch Full Migration by clicking on “Start Migration” button.
    • Afterwards, you’ll get redirected to Cart2Cart’s official website to complete the payment and finish the transfer.