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How do I Migrate to Zoey Shopping Cart?

Cart2Cart does provide migrations to Zoey shopping cart. However, you’ll have to use the special Cart2Cart module in order to transfer the data.

Here is a step by step instruction on how perform a Zoey migration:

1.Start a Cart2Cart migration as usually (Log in to a Cart2Cart account, step to My Migrations List-> Create New Migration)

2.Then, log in to Zoey admin panel

3.Go to Apps, find the “Cart2Cart: Zoey Data Importer” module, add it to your apps, and press Manage

How do I Migrate to Zoey Shopping Cart?

4.Copy security token from Migration Wizard - it is right there on Source / Target Setup Page. Alternatively, you can copy security token from Edit Personal Info page

How do I Migrate to Zoey Shopping Cart?

5. Then, insert it to the appropriate field in Cart2Cart: Zoey Data Importer and press Install Connector. If everything was done properly, you’ll see how much time is left till your bridge expires

6.Get back to Migration Wizard, paste the URL of your Zoey store and complete the migration.

7. When the migration is finished, go back to your Zoey Apps section, find “Cart2Cart: Zoey Data Importer” module, press Manage and click "Synchronize Images" button.


Check this video tutorial to avoid any confusion. Please note, that the Images Synchronization step is not mentioned in this video.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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