How to create product variants based on combinations of their options?

If Target shopping cart supports the advanced product options combinations, Cart2Cart allows to transform simple products from source store into configurable product variants on target store. You'd be able to specify separate quantities, stock level and SKU (or EAN, model etc) for each combination.

This option is available for the following target shopping carts only:

Magento (products will be configurable), VirtueMart (option combinations become product items), X-Cart (option combinations will be products variants), Zen Cart (only if "Stock quantities by attributes" contribution is installed), BigCommerce (product variants will be created from variant options like size and color), CoreCommerce, GoldenPlanet, Kickstart,, Palundu, PrestaShop Cloud Api, Shop-Script, Storeden, Visualsoft, Zoey.

With option “create product variants”
Here you can see how it looks from admin panel with option “create product variants” for Magento shopping cart

On Manage Products page, you will find Configurable Product (Apple Cinema 30”) and Different Simple Products according to the color (green, red, yellow etc.). Can be created up to 1000 Simple Products. For example, Blue Apple cinema 30”:

On a page with Associated Products, you will find Apple Cinema 30” of different colors. One of the main option’s advantages is that you will be able to add a description. For example change weight, SKU, manufacturer, status etc. Your customer will be able to browse exactly what he/she is looking for with all comprehensive information.

Without option “create product variants”
On Manage products Page, there will be only one Simple Product (Apple Cinema 30”) without options.

On Custom options page you will be able to change only price, price type, SKU and sort order as it is shown here:

To use additional option “create product variants” you have to:

  1. Register an account.
  2. Start new migration.
  3. Provide the required information and proceed to the step of Entities Selection. Choose the option Create product variants based on the combination of options.
  4. Perform data migration.

Note that it is an additional option and is charged additionally, as well. You should add cost of the option to the cost of migration in order to know a final price. In order to get additional information read our article Create Product Variants with Cart2Cart.