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Why do I need to clear current data from the Target Store in order to restart migration?

Usually, restart migration means that something is wrong with the data on a Target Store. It can be influenced by 3rd party extensions, inappropriate development, bugs during shopping cart installation, etc. That is why launching a new migration (remigration) to a store, filled with corrupted or modified data, is not recommended since there is a risk of mixing/duplicating data. In order to avoid this you will need to clear current data from a Target Store before migration. In this case all the corrupted/modified data will be deleted. Your Source data will be moved to a clear Target Store, preserving relationships between entities.

Please note! Clearing data from a Target Store is irreversible option, so we highly recommend to make a backup before restarting the migration.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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