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Is multilanguage migration to/from WooCommerce possible?

Yes, Cart2Cart supports migration of multiple languages to or from WooCommerce providing the paid WPML module is purchased & installed on your WordPress before the data transfer (Multilingual CMS). Afterwards, you will additionally have to install the following WooCommerce modules (should be installed automatically):

  1. WooCommerce Multilingual
  2. WPML Translation Management
  3. WPML String Translation
  4. WPML Media Translation

What you should know about WPML:

1. During migration to WooCommerce with module installed, WPML creates translated “copies” of products and categories for each of the supported languages, i.e. if there are 2 languages (EN and GE), there’ll be 2 localized copies of the very same product.


2. WPML supports translation of the following entities:

  • Translating product categories (Description, Name)
  • Translating products (Title, Slug, Description, Custom Product Attribute(Name, Value(s)))
  • Translating product variations (Variation description)
  • Translating Image Texts
  • Translating URLs

3. WPML is a paid module provided by a 3rd party company. Cart2Cart does not take responsibility for its performance.

When migrating to or from WooCommerce with Cart2Cart, WPML module should be installed and configured beforehand the data transfer. If any of the multiple languages are not added in WPML module, they won’t be migrated.

Please, read the official instructions on installing the WPML plugin and adding/editing multiple languages.

Check the full list of eCommerce platforms where migration of data in different languages is supported by visiting this Multilanguages Migration page.

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