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How will SEO URLs be migrated to WooCommerce?

During migration to WooCommerce (with the “Migrate SEO URLs” option picked), Cart2Cart moves SEO keys, thus, URL structure may be a little different. Also, notice that WP has its peculiarity of URL building by default.

For instance, your Magento store’s URL before migration:

After transfer it may look like this one:

Here, /product/ is added by default. Optionally, you can alter the URLs structure by logging into your WordPress admin panel and going to Settings -> Permalinks.

For example, you can enter /shop in Custom Base field, and your product URLs will look like: http://your-store.coml/shop/category/macbook-silver-13

woocommerce seo migration

Pay attention to the fact, that if the SEO URL you’re migrating already exists in the base of your WooCommerce store, a prefix or index number can be added.

For example, if SEO URL = 'macbook-silver-13' already exists, it’ll be altered to 'macbook-silver-13-2’ and so on, until the SEO URL name is unique.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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