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HTTP Error Code 302 Moved Temporarily, 301 Moved Permanently

Possible solutions for the issue are:

  1. Check if bridge location is correct. It should be located in the root directory of your store.
  2. Check if store URL was provided correctly.
  3. If the above issues are not causing error, you should check .htaccess file which is located in the root directory of your store. Make sure there are no redirects or other directives which can block access to the bridge.
  4. Quite possibly the described issue of blocked access can be resolved by whitelisting Cart2Cart IPs. Check our detailed guide to learn more.
  5. If none of these solutions work, try contacting your system administrator.

For Pinnacle Cart you should add exception for bridge in .htaccess file. With this aim change the line:

!^(\#(.)*|\?(.)*|login\.php(.)*|admin\.php(.)*|index\.php(.)*|images\  /(.)*|robots\.txt(.)*|\.htaccess\.back(.)*|download\.php(.)*|\.htaccess(.)*  |readme\.txt(.)*|install\/(.)*|content\/(.)*)

into this one:

!^(\#(.)*|\?(.)*|login\.php(.)*|admin\.php(.)*|index\.php(.)*|images\ /(.)*|robots\.txt(.)*|\.htaccess\.back(.)*|download\.php(.)*|\.htaccess(.)*  |readme\.txt(.)*|install\/(.)*|content\/(.)*|bridge2cart\/(.)*)

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