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Will Cart2Cart migrate my description images to Shopify?

Yes, we do migrate description images to Shopify if the "Migrate images from products descriptions and categories descriptions" option is chosen on Migration Wizard. However, if the number of pictures in your descriptions exceeds 1500 - we’ll use a somewhat peculiar method to move them. Cart2Cart will automatically create additional themes after the transfer and put 1500 description pictures into each of them. Such limit is there to prevent overpressure.

The themes created will be unpublished, and you should treat them simply as containers for your images - they won’t affect your store’s looks or functionality in any way. Don’t publish or customize - just let them lay there.

migrate description images to Shopify

Note: The large number of description images might take longer to move. Also, if you decide to delete a theme - the images attached to it will be erased as well.

Alternatively, you can transfer the images by following these steps:

  • Upload the all your description images to the reliable server that won't get shut down after the transfer.
  • Put the appropriate links to images in your description sections prior to the switch
  • Proceed with your Cart2Cart migration

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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