Why didn’t my orders migrate to Shopify?

Cart2Cart supports migrations of orders to Shopify. However there are a few peculiarities.

In the shipping settings of Shopify, you can specify countries you’ll be distributing products to. Therefore, if the shipping or billing addresses in orders on the source store include countries different from the ones selected on Shopify - such orders will be skipped.

To prevent such scenario, perform one of the following actions:

1. Check all orders on the source store, and add the appropriate countries in the Shopify shipping settings.

2. In the same menu, choose “Rest of world” option, instead of particular countries.

3. Do both these things together.

Why didn’t my orders migrate to Shopify?

Unlike most shopping platforms, Shopify requires a full information about orders. Thus, if, on the source cart, fields like “Province”, “ZIP code”, “Country” and “City” are left empty or contain invalid information - they will be titled by default, on Shopify. However, your original order data won’t get lost - it’ll migrate to Shopify’s orders notes.

Please note: due to restrictions of Shopify, a single customer can have no more than 65,000 orders. The number of orders exceeding this quantity won’t be migrated to Shopify.

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