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My order dates were not migrated to Shopify. Why is it so?

Transfer of order dates depends directly on server used by Shopify for clients’ stores. We move data format exactly the way it must be, regardless of the server type. However, the same date in the same format can be received by different shops in different way.

Please note. While data migration to Shopify, the customer default address will be updated from the appropriate order.

Now, while orders migration to Shopify, the source shopping cart's time zone must be taken into account. Currently, this works with migration from Magento and WooCommerce.

This means - when migrating from the above mentioned shopping carts, the time zone from the store configuration is used. According to this, the information about orders date is transferred to Shopify. Set up the same time zone as it is in the source cart in your target cart's configuration, to have the same data.

Note.This information isn't relevant to migration process from other shopping carts. In these cases the migrations are performed without any changes.

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