Opencart to woocommerce

Both OpenCart and WooCommerce have proven themselves as advanced and flexible eCommerce solutions that provide a great foundation for creating powerful online stores in a very limited time and budget. Let’s delve in deeply and find out why WooCommerce is the platform of choice for millions of e-merchants and how to become a part of its glory (that is how to migrate to it).

Both OpenCart and WooCommerce are incredible software which have all the expected functionality to create impressive estores of any complexity. But what exactly is the difference between these two that makes so many OpenCart e-merchants move to WooCommerce?

Comparing OpenCart to WooCommerce - WooCommerce certainly takes the cake, holding the lion’s share on the market. It is a WordPress plugin, and therefore, a perfect go-to for those WP users who want to turn their websites into a profitable eCommerce business. OpenCart, alternatively, is a standalone solution known for its intuitiveness and powerful range of features.

Despite all the advantages associated with OpenCart (simplicity and intuitiveness, advanced customization options, security updates, great SEO tools), there are significant drawbacks, which make thousands of e-merchants leave it in favor of WooCommerce. To be more specific:

  • The simplicity of the platform comes at the cost of customization, that means it is not very easy to customize a store set up with OpenCart.
  • Despite being a comparatively light piece of software, it doesn’t provide great performance, and therefore isn’t a good option for scaling even on a strong hosting platform.
  • It comes packed with only basic features that even mildly-ambitious entrepreneurs might prove insufficient.

Why Move Your Web Presence to WooCommerce?

Powering more than 3,876,748 live websites, WooCommerce has earned the love and loyalty of e-merchants all around the globe, because it combines ease of use with great power and customizability. The key features that make WooCommerce so popular and talked-about are as follows:

  • The main strength lies in its simplicity. It has a very low learning curve that makes the majority of its users to quickly get comfortable with it.
  • Despite being just a WP plugin, it is a fully-functional eCommerce system that allows creating a fully-fledged online store of any size and complexity.
  • It's often treated as one of the most flexible platforms for online business. It allows a lot flexibility with products - even novices in the arena of eCommerce have no problem selling the products.
  • As one of the most stable eCommerce solutions, it has a very low number of bugs. Besides, the team of WooCommerce developers are doing their best to constantly improve this piece of software.
  • WooCommerce support is one of the most remarkable advantages of the platform. Their experts are always ready to give e-merchants a hand of help in case there are some troubles.

With all that being said, there are a lot of similarities as well as differences between OpenCart and WooCommerce. However, in terms of ease of use, flexibility and support— WooCommerce is much more beneficial allowing entrepreneurs to start their online business without intensive hands-on.

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How to Migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce?

There are many approaches that could be taken to migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce. However, they all can be summarized into 3 migration scenarios, with automated way being one of the most effortless. Cart2Cart is a perfect go-to for store owners willing to replatform without intensive hands-on.

Manual OpenCart to WooCommerce migration

The method involves getting your hands dirty over mountains of codes and scripts by manually transferring every single bit of data WooCommerce. Requiring a lot of technical configuration, this way is not a good option for those e-merchants with little to no technical skills. However, the good thing is that this approach allows for unlimited control privileges over the store data.

Assisted OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration

This method is often treated as another manual transfer process, but in this case the job is delegated to the 3rd party experts. In this case, the developer or even a team of developers are responsible for exporting the store data from BigCommerce, importing them into the WooCommerce platform, and then reconstructing the entire store. Because the transfer procedure itself is not a one-click affair at all, professionals typically charge a solid amount of money.

Automated OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration

Automated OpenCart to WooCommerce migration is the opposite of the manual database transfer. It means conducting the store database transfer across various shopping carts without the human involvement in the process. There are automated migration tools available at the web market that have been designed to simplify the whole data migration procedure to a few easy-to-do steps. Cart2Cart is one of such tools.

Download the Cart2Cart: OpenСart to WooCommerce Migration plugin for even more trouble-free replatforming.

How to Migrate from OpenCart to WooCommerce. Cart2Cart Approach

Create WooCommerce store

Once you’ve found a proper hosting solution for WooCommerce, you have to install the WordPress platform before proceeding with the WooCommerce. When WordPress is live, go to the WordPress plugin section, find WooCommerce and install it. When done, activate the plugin.

Preview the migration

Take time to benefit from the Migration Preview service to check how products, customers, orders and other elements from your current OpenCart shop are going to appear on the new WooCommerce.

Specify the Source & Target Stores

Once you’ve registered the account with Cart2Cart, it’s time to enter the Source cart details. In the matching fields of the migration wizard choose OpenCart as the Source cart from the default list of the platform options and provide the store URL. When done, download the Connection Bridge (you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to do that — it literally takes a few seconds).

opencart to woocommece

Scroll past the source cart section and proceed to the target store area, on which you should repeat the same store detailing procedure. In other words, from the drop-down list choose WooCommerce as the Target store and then type in the corresponding store’s admin URL, login and password on the adjacent field.

Select the data to be transferred

Choosing data means specifying the particular store components you’d like to migrate from your OpenCart store to the WooCommerce store. Cart2Cart makes its best to accommodate all the essential ecommerce types of data, plus their accompanying attributes. You may click the All Entities checkbox and the service will prepare to migrate the following:

  • products,
  • product categories,
  • manufacturers,
  • taxes,
  • customers,
  • orders,
  • coupons,
  • reviews,
  • multistore, etc.
opencart to woocommerce

Choose additional migration options

Apart from the store entities, Cart2Cart provides its clients with a chance to select additional migration options to broaden your OpenCart to WooCommerce migration possibilities even further.

opencart to woocommerce

It is possible, for instance, to have the service change the product quantity to 100 on the WooCommerce store, or maybe migrate images from product descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts description. What’s more, you can take advantage from the option to preserve order IDs on the target WooCommerce store, create the 301 redirects to your WooCommerce store after migration, migrate categories and products SEO URLs, skip product thumbnail images migration, plus clear current data on WooCommerce before migration, etc.

Run free Demo migration

The option aims to give you a general idea of how the target store will look like once the migration process is finished. It’s totally free of charge and takes little time (the whole transfer process should take approximately 30 minutes). Once you find yourself happy with the Demo results - you can confidently proceed to the Full migration.

opencart to woocommerce

Launch Full OpenCart to WooCommerce migration

Since this is the final step, you should expect Cart2Cart to charge a fee for the migration before executing the actual data transfer.

Take time to confirm the source and target cart details, go through the selected entities and review the additional options. When ready, you can go ahead and initiate the Full migration. At this step you can even close the browser window and wait for an email alert once the process is complete.