Svitlana Kryskova

Marketing Manager, interested in eBusiness, learning new languages and discovering our world. Most of all I want to become the kind of person who could make the world a little better.


Top Products to Sell on eBay

Everybody knows eBay is one of the best online platforms to sell on. After all, eBay reaches 190 million people! That's a lot of buyers. The problem is what to...

Must-Know Tips | 5 MIN READ
Magento to PrestaShop

Complete Magento to PrestaShop migration checklist

Recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe has caused much dissatisfaction within the Magento community, with many users being unhappy with Adobe’s focus on Adobe Commerce for Enterprise clients leaving the...

Migration Checklist | 3 MIN READ
shoplift upgrade

Complete Shopify upgrade checklist

In simple terms it means transferring all your Shopify store data to Shopify, so that you can operate your online business on the Shopify platform. Shopify is a hugely popular...

Migration Guides | 3 MIN READ
WooCommerce to PrestaShop

Complete WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration checklist

Store migration is the process of transferring data, design, and functionality from the existing store to a new store. The process allows merchants to export the database (products, customers, orders,...

Migration Guides | 4 MIN READ
shopify to facebook

How to import products from Shopify to Facebook?

Did you know that Meta launched Facebook Shops in May 2020? Expanding your Shopify to sell on a social media site like Facebook can increase traffic to your online store,...

Migration Guides | 4 MIN READ
weebly vs wordpress1

Weebly vs WordPress - Which Is Best for Your Business?

WordPress and Weebly are not the same things. Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder for eCommerce and WordPress is a content management system, which enables website building. Weebly is an...

Shopping Carts Reviews | 5 MIN READ