Shift4Shop Migration

Shift4Shop migration
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Shift4Shop is an all-in-one SaaS software that has all the necessary functionality for creating simple, yet powerful online stores. It is totally free for US-located online entrepreneurs and relatively cheap for e-merchants from outside the USA. Being packed with a bunch of useful built-in features, Shift4Shop is now treated as one of the top eCommerce solutions of 2021.

If you want to transfer your current web presence to the Shift4Shop, benefit from the Cart2Cart service and get the task done in a fully automated manner. An effortless 4-step migration process doesn’t require any technical know-how. Just provide your current and new stores credentials, specify the store’s data you want to move, and the service will do the rest.

Explore the new eCommerce horizons with an easy and reliable Shift4Shop migration!

I want to migrate my store FROM TO Shift4Shop

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What data can I migrate to/from Shift4Shop

Supported Entities From To
Product information, e.g. Product Title, Description, Model, Created Time, Modified Time, Available, Weight, Quantity, Default Price, Special Price, Tax Class, etc.
Custom Fields
Additional fields that do not influence the product price and have no selective meanings, e.g. dropdowns, radio buttons or checkboxes.
Product Image
Images, corresponding to all products in the source store.
Related Products
Products suggested to customers to buy instead or in addition to the products they're viewing.
Product Tags
Tags are descriptors that you can assign to any product to help you organize and remember them.
Product Variants
Specific items, grouped with related variants that together form a product. Variants usually vary from each other in one or more properties, e.g. a medium-sized, green shirt with a stock-keeping unit (SKU) is one product variant of the Shirt product.
Downloadable Products
Downloadable products are either digital items you sell, such as music files, e-Books, software, or additional files you attach to physical products.
Product Categories
Product categories constituting the major groups of products in the store.
Category Images
Images corresponding to the product categories.
Information about the manufacturer of each product in the store database, e.g. Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
Manufacturer Images
Images corresponding to product manufacturers in the store.
Details about the type of taxes assigned for products, e.g. Name, Value, Value Type (percent or exact value in default currency), Created Time, Modified Time, etc.
Information about each customer, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last Name, Company, Birthday, Phone, Fax, Active, Created Time, Modified Time, etc.
Customer Billing Address
Address, where the customer receives the statement of their credit card.
Customer Shipping Address
Mailing address of each customer, i.e. customer home address.
General information about the orders made by customers, e.g. Customer, Customer Info, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Status, Totals, Created Time, etc.
Codes that consumers can use to obtain a discount on their purchases.
Reviews of products on your store including Customers Name, Review, etc.
Info and details about shopping cart built-in blogging engines, including their Title, Descriptions, Meta info, SEO URLs, hierarchy, relations, Images, etc.
Blog Posts
Text content pages within your blog, including such info as Title, Description, Meta info, Rags, Created/Modified Time, SEO URLs, Author info, Images, Comments, etc.
Multiple Languages
CMS Pages
CMS pages typically contain blog content, information from "contact us", "about us" or similar website sections.
Multi Currency
Additional Options From To
Clear current data on Target Store before Migration
Create 301 redirects on your target store after migration (+$59) Recommended
Preserve order IDs on Target Store (+$49) Recommended
Migrate Source Store categories into Shopify Automated Collections (+$59) Recommended
Migrate Source Store customer groups into customer tags (+$29) Recommended
Preserve customer IDs on Target Store (+$49)
Migrate Short & Full descriptions
Migrate the store tax configuration
Create product variants based on the combinations of options (+$35)
Preserve product IDs on Target Store (+$39)
Preserve category IDs on Target Store (+$10)
Migrate invoices, credit memos and shipments to the Target Store (+$19)
Migrate categories and products SEO URLs (+$59)
Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions (+$49)
Migrate customers` passwords
Migrate product SKUs
Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store (+$29)
Preserve product image URLs
Include all paid options and save 40%
Skip migration of custom attributes

How much my Shift4Shop migration is going to cost?

How it works?

To perform successful Shift4Shop migration follow the instructions given below:

1. Register an Account
2. Provide Shopping Cart Details
3. Choose Data You Want to Transfer
4. Set FREE Demo Migration
5. Perform Full Migration Enjoy the New Store!

Why migrate with Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart provides fully automated migration that doesn't demand any programming skills for successful and effortless switch. Just in a few hours you can get a newly established store with accurately transferred data.

80+ supported carts
100% uptime of your Source Store
Professional 24/7 Support

We have already migrated more than 11000 of e-Commerce stores

Start your free, no risk, demo migration right now!

What extra services Cart2Cart offers?

cart2cart migration package

Hand of help - Data Migration Service Package

Don't have time to perform migration in your own? We will perform data migration for you, providing all the necessary customization and supporting you on each step of migration.

Get Support Package
cart2cart recent data migration

Transfer it All - Recent Data Migration

Already performed an automated migration but received new data to your old shopping cart? Move all the new entities appeared on your Source cart after the initial migration easily just for 50% of its cost!

Learn More

What should I know about Shift4Shop migration?

  • How to migrate to Shift4Shop?

    Just go through the Migration Scenario step-by-step and migrate your store data to Shift4Shop in a fully automated manner.

  • Is it possible to migrate the credit card info to/from Shift4Shop?

    Since clients’ credit card info is sensitive data, we do not transfer it for security purposes. However, your customers' billing and shipping addresses will be transferred by Cart2Cart successfully.

  • Does Cart2Cart support customers’ password migration to/from Shift4Shop?

    Since various shopping platforms have different password encryption algorithms, Cart2Cart cannot transfer customers' passwords automatedly. Therefore, you should ask your registered customers to change their passwords once the migration is completed.

  • Is SEO migration available to/from Shift4Shop?

    Due to the platform’s technical limitations, SEO migration is not possible. That means, your store structure and links will be changed once the migration is finished.

  • Will migration with Cart2Cart allow me to preserve my current product image URLs on the new Shift4Shop store?

    To have your images displayed on your Target store, you have to transfer them using FTP and saving file names and structure. Notice that if this option is not selected, just image URLs are going to be migrated from the Source store.

  • Is it possible to preserve product image URLs when migrating to/from Shift4Shop?

    Thuogh Cart2Cart allows to move the link structure, images won't be displayed on your Target store. You need to transfer them using FTP saving file names and structure. Notice that if this option is not selected, just images URLs are going to be migrated from the Source store.

Cart2Cart Reviews

David Abraham
Online store owner

Been using Cart2Cart for years. Makes store migrations a breeze. Customer service is great and they have a great partner program. Would definitely recommend to individuals looking to migrate as well as design agencies.
Review source

Emanuele Lenus Pisapia
Online store owner

This is my first use of Cart2Cart migration process and this company is awesome! My company managed lots of migration manually before trying C2C and actually we love them. Support is the best ever (thank all!) and service is A +++.
Review source

Eric Kinsey
Online store owner

Amazing level of patience and professionalism from Cart2Cart working with our team to perform a very difficult import for a client that has been start and stop for over 2 years!! Their team gets back to questions with technical fixes within 24 hours in most cases and we are finally wrapping it up! Thank you for all you’ve done to help get this project to completion.
Review source

Judy Critchley
Online store owner

I can't praise the Cart2Cart team enough. They really took care to make sure our very large migration was a success. I would highly recommend them!
Review source

Todd Svoboda
Online store owner

Absolute BEST! Very inexpensive (was quoted $1500 from another design company, compared to only $140), lightning fast speed with their responses, knowledgeable, and of course saved me a ton of quality time I don’t have. Will be using them again for an additional website.
Review source

Robert Van Echtelt
Online store owner

Used Cart2Cart to migrate Ideal saves you a ton of time. Even have the option to do it multiple times so you can set up the new site with the correct data in it. And then before you go live with the new site, you can import the latest data again.
Review source

"Shift4Shop" is a registered trademark of Shift4 Payments. Previously known as 3dcart and acquired by Shift4 in November 2020, Shift4Shop is serving businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries across the globe. With Cart2Cart, you can automatedly migrate your current store data to Shift4Shop in a matter of a few clicks.

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