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Upgrades are part of daily life for WordPress users, usual routine everybody’s got used to and doesn’t t make any fuss of. However, when it comes to the WooCommerce update, the issue’s a bit more complicated as it requires data export from the outdated store version into a more relevant and enhanced one. Is upgrading so inevitable? Why should you even bother? And, once you decide it is something your business needs - how to update WooCommerce store smoothly? How to avoid the common mistakes WordPress forums yell about? These are the questions we’ll cover in this article. Stay tuned!

What is WooCommerce Update?

Once you see that your WooCommerce-based store is no longer up to date, it is high time to upgrade it to the latest version. You can update the software manually or use an automated tool, e.g., Cart2Cart. An automated update is quick, safe and requires no tech knowledge. You'll be able to do it in just 4 steps.

How to update WooCommerce store in 4 steps?

  1. Set WooCommerce as your Source and Target cart and provide the required credentials.
  2. Choose the data you want to move to the latest version of the software.
  3. Test-drive the tool with the free demo migration option.
  4. Run the complete upgrade of your WooCommerce store.

Still not sure whether to update your WooCommerce store? Run a free demo with Cart2Cart now to see all the benefits of the upgraded version of the software.

Watch our video tutorial to see how easy it is to automatically upgrade WooCommerce with the help of the Cart2Cart migration tool:

Why You Need WooCommerce Upgrade

E-store Functionality

WooCommerce has open-source architecture. Thus, you have to understand that its source code is constantly evolving. The bugs are fixed and improvements introduced. Technology changes with the light speed and to remain relevant open-source eCommerce solutions keep releasing new versions on a temporary basis. The upgraded version will ensure that you have the most enhanced functionality to manage online business.

Advantage over Competitors

You are well aware of how highly competitive the modern eCommerce world nowadays is. Every minute 571 websites are created worldwide. The flow of information is HUGE. The number of online stores offering the same type of products or services you do increases with every second. To remain afloat, your online store has to provide features your business opponents have. The scenario will be much more promising once your website would suggest features your competitors don't. If to consider the fact that usually, the list of features in a new version includes website speed and SEO improvements. WooCommerce upgrade seems even more reasonable.

WordPress Migration Checklist

Security issue

Security is a crucial aspect for any website owner and online shops are not an exception. Security updates that are introduced within each new WooCommerce version are crucial to guarantee your data and business, in general, are safe.

To put it short: If you want to maintain functional, fast and secure online store on WooCommerce - upgrading is essential.

WooCommerce Upgrade. 5 Crucial Improvements

What “Bionic Butterfly” WooCommerce version has to offer? The list of features is extensive and will benefit store performance and turn managing online store into enjoyable experience. Being more specific, here are the major improvements and innovations:

  • Fundamental Changes In CRUD Functions
  • CRUD is an abbreviation for the four basic operations you perform with the database of an e-store: Create, Read, Update, and Delete. In 4.0 WooCommerce version, another layer between the database and the code is introduced that adds structure, validation, and control.

  • New Product Gallery
  • Gallery behavior has now become more intuitive. Your clients will have both the access to magnification and zooming (lightbox). They will be able to swipe to scroll through the gallery, pinch to zoom, swipe up to close it. Once the product gallery is opened on mobile, the image will be displayed in it’s true size, larger than the in-page display.

  • New CLI (Command Line Interface) and Rest API v2
  • In WooCommerce 4.0 version a new CLI (Command Line Interface) was created that directly integrates with the REST API and supports its functionality. A new version of the API with a couple of benefits over v1 was introduced.

    Our post migration checklist will help you manage your store in no time

  • Performance Improvements
  • New taxonomy under the name tag product_visibility is implemented. There is no “order items” column on the orders page. Variable product synchronization is optimized. WP_Query from up-sells.php and related.php have been removed and substituted with PHP for each loop. A delayed CRON event to send the emails instead.

  • New logging System
  • Updated logging system includes 2 log handlers - file and database and is much more extensive. New logger comprisez log handlers and uses the methods described by the PSR-3 logger interface.

WooCommerce Upgrade. Most Common Challenges

What are the most common issues WooCommerce upgrade users face after the online store upgrade? First of all, once you decide on WooCommerce Upgrade to 4.0 version you have to make sure the theme you have installed will be compatible with the new version. The same thing is with other plugins you use. Upgrading e-store is a significant step that will boost your business, yet it requires a bit of planning and checking the compatibility of all the previously installed features.

The most significant thing we advise you to do - make Woo store backup. It will help you uncover a plugin conflict in case any occurs and find out what doesn’t function properly after the upgrade. Inquire whether your web hosting provider offers automated backups or try free plugin UpdraftPlus, for example, to secure your website data.

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WooCommerce Update Checklist

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is unreasonable. Use the short checklist below to overcome the major WooCommerce upgrade challenges and avoid any mismatches.

WooCommerce update

WooCommerce Upgrade. Step-by-Step Guide

Being Woo user for a while, you would agree that launching and managing online shop based on this solution is the pleasure. At Cart2Cart, we continue this enjoyable tradition turning the store upgrade into an inspiring time for online retailers. If anyone tells you it is possible to upgrade the Woo store smoothly, avoiding data loss and duplication, would you believe it? In fact, the procedure of updating store on WooCommerce is a complicated process of WooCommerce to WooCommerce export/import. Once the process of data migration is automated, WooCommerce upgrade becomes much simplified.

Why WooCommerce upgrade via Cart2Cart? First of all, launching data transfer requires no particular tech knowledge and includes a couple of simple steps. Secondly, your current store performance wouldn’t be affected by the upgrade. It will remain up and running, fully available for your customers. Thirdly, Cart2Cart offers a flexible pricing policy. You will be charged only for those entities you transfer and additional options you might choose to enhance your WooCommerce upgrade. Get the approximate price for the automated update. Key advantage - perform Free Demo to check the service quality in advance.

Learn how to migrate PrestaShop to WooCommerce with no extra skills needed.

The procedure of setting the automated upgrade itself is fairly simple and consists of 5 steps. Cart2Cart Support team is available 24,7 via email, phone, and live chat to assist you on every stage.

In case, you are interested in a website content upgrade as well, make use of the automated WordPress migration CMS2CMS offers. It saves lots of your precious time and effort, at the same time moving your website content to a better and more functional version of WordPress CMS. The update will be done automatedly in a few straightforward steps.

Here is a detailed instruction how you can upgrade WooCommerce with ease:

1. Create Cart2Cart account

Use a valid email address or sign in using your Google+ or Facebook profiles.

2. Fill in Source Cart Information

Choose WooCommerce as your Source Cart and provide your Source Store URL. To set up the connection between the two versions, download the Connection Bridge, unzip it and upload to your Source Cart root folder.

WooCommerce update

3. Fill in Target Cart Information

Select WooCommerce as your Target Cart and provide its URL. Download the Connection Bridge, unzip it and upload it to the updated WooCommerce store root folder.

WooCommerce update

4. Choose the Entities for Data Transfer

From the drop-down list offered, choose the entities that you would like to transfer.

WooCommerce update

At this stage, you will also be able to choose additional options to enlarge the possibilities of the automatic update. Some of the options are recommended for migration from and to particular shopping carts. With the case of the WooCommerce upgrade, the service suggests the functionality - “Migrate customers’ passwords”. It will save your visitors much time recovering old passwords and make clients much happier.

You can try out all of the additional features for free during Demo Upgrade to evaluate their benefits beforehand.

5. Launching Demo Upgrade

All the required settings are done, you can press “Start Demo Migration” button. Within half an hour the limited amount of eCommerce entities will be transferred to the store on updated WooCommerce version.

WooCommerce update

Launching Automated WooCommerce Upgrade

Once your Demo Upgrade is completed, you’ll receive the full report of the entities migrated. Check data transfer results and contact Cart2Cart Support once any issue remains unclear.

WooCommerce update

Check out our infographic to get a better understanding of the migration process via Cart2Cart:

woo1 woo2

If you are satisfied with Demo Transfer, you can launch Full Migration and enjoy your updated Woo store in a couple of hours. Happy Upgrading!

Ecommerce Database migration FAQs

What is the latest version of WooCommerce?

The latest version that has been released by WooCommerce is 5.8.

How do I update WooCommerce to latest version?

  • Provide the needed access store credentials
  • Pick the data that will be moved to the new WooCommerce version.
  • Move the database from an old to the new version of WooCommerce.

Do I have to update WooCommerce?

It depends on what you're expecting from your store. If you wish to get all the latest updates and improved functionality, it is high time to update your WooCommerce-based e-shop.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how the recent WooCommerce version will benefit your business, what issues you should take into account while performing the upgrade and how to update WooCommerce with ease. If you plan to succeed with your e-store (in fact, who isn’t?), upgrading is a step you can not avoid. It is no longer “nice to have” feature - it is an absolute “must” your company will face eventually. Cart2Cart will release you from all the upgrading hassle. How? Try Free Demo to find out.

Any aspect left unclear? Leave a commentary and we’ll give you more details.