migration checklist

Store replatforming is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. But with the right tools at hand, you’ll minimize all the switch-related risks. Thus, to ease the Shopify to WooCommerce migration, we are presenting you with a detailed checklist. Follow its recommendations and get your store migrated in no time. Besides, we recommend that you take the time and read the thorough Shopify to WooCommerce migration guidelines.

Table of Contents:

  1. Pre-Migration Ideas
  2. Shopify to WooCommerce Migration Configuration
  3. Post-Migration Suggestions

Pre-Migration Ideas

Prepare your Shopify store

Examine the data on your Shopify store. Get rid of all the outdated or irrelevant info, update or delete the outdated records.

Establish your WooCommerce store

Visit the official WordPress website and download the WooCommerce Plugin, register an account.

Not quite sure WooCommerce is the right cart, or don’t want to install it yet? Check out the Migration Preview Service provided by Cart2Cart. Thus, you’ll be able to move some of the Shopify store data to a test store on WooCommerce (or another suitable platform) totally free of charge. The test store will be live for three days.

Shopify to WooCommerce Migration Configuration

Set up the Source Cart

Set Shopify as your Source Cart, provide its URL and API password.

Please, visit our FAQ section for detailed info on how to get the Shopify API password.

Set up the Target Cart

Choose WooCommerce as your Target Cart. Copy the WordPress Admin URL, login, and password to the corresponding fields of the Migration Wizard.

Choose data for migration

Specify the data entities you wish to move from Shopify to the WooCommerce store.

It is possible to select all the available data types or select only the desired options (e.g., products, customers, orders, etc.) by ticking the corresponding boxes.

Determine the additional options

Ease the replatforming by choosing some of the extra migration options.

Carry out data mapping

Match the Shopify order statuses and customer groups to the corresponding ones on the WooCommerce store.

Launch a Free Demo migration

Move a restricted number of data from Shopify to WooCommerce at no cost. The process takes up to 30 minutes.

Remember not to close the browser window while the data transfer is still active.

Run the Full Migration

Click the “Start Full Migration” button to initiate the Shopify to WooCommerce replatforming.

Currently, you can close the browser window and continue your ordinary entrepreneurial activity.

Please, follow the link to get more detailed information on the WooCommerce migration.

Post-Migration Suggestions

Personalize your WooCommerce store

Install a new theme. Customize the store by downloading all the required plugins and extensions.

Transfer the new data

Benefit from the Recent Data Migration option in case new data (e.g., customers, orders, items, etc.) have appeared on your Shopify store during or after the migration.

Check the newly-established store

Inspect both the front- and backend, register new users, add products, etc.

Now you’re all set to perform the Shopify to WooCommerce migration. Automated eCommerce replatforming ensures safe data transfer and no store downtime.

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