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How to generate a Wix API token?

You can generate an API key to access your site's data in your Account Settings.

To generate an API key:

    • Go to API Keys in your Account Settings.
    • Click Generate API Key.
    • Enter a name for your new API key under Key details.
    • In the Permissions section, select the All Permissions checkbox.

Note: Keep in mind: Each key you generate has access to all of your sites.

        • Click Generate Key.
        • Click Send Code to send a 6-digit verification code to the email address linked to your account.
        • Get your verification code from the email.
        • Enter the code in the Verify your account pop-up.
        • Click Verify & Generate Key.

        • Click Copy Token & Close.
        • Store the token in a safe location.
      • For more detailed info, visit this


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When done, insert the API Token in the corresponding field of the Migration Wizard:

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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