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How can I export my data from AbleCommerce 7.x?

If you are using AbleCommerce 7.x, you will need to install AbleCommerce DataPort from the official website. Then, follow these steps to export required data in CSV files.

1.Connect to your store admin panel via this software.

How to export files from AbleCommerce?

2. Paste your store URL address and press Next.

How to export files from AbleCommerce?

3. Then, name your current connection, provide User Name and Password to your store and press Finish

How to export files from AbleCommerce?

4.Once you’ve got connected to your store data, download required files and save them to the folder that will be easy for you to find.
Note: You should select CSV format while downloading source files.

How to export files from AbleCommerce?

5. Then, go back to Migration Wizard and upload all required data to the corresponding fields.

If you face some difficulties feel free to contact our Support Team.

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