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Migration Insurance vs Recent Data Migration - what’s the difference?

In addition to migrations themselves, Cart2Cart provides extra services to insure, speed up and enhance them. The two, useful, additional services we offer are Migration Insurance and Recent Data Migration - here, we’ll explain the key differences between them.

Let’s start with short descriptions. Migration Insurance allows you to Remigrate - to completely restart your existing Full Migration - a certain amount of times during a certain period, depending on which plan you’ve chosen. Remigration means clearing all the entities from your target store and transferring data from the source cart to it, all over again.

Recent Data Migration, on the other hand, permits you to transfer new entities exclusively to your target store after Full Migration is done. It takes a lot less time than Remigration (which is provided in Migration Insurance) and doesn’t affect the data that is already moved.

A detailed comparison of Recent Data Migration and Migration Data Insurance is in the following table:

Provided Services Migration Insurance Recent Data Migration
Type of Migration

Restart the same migration from the very beginning

Migration of only new entities

Conditions Full migration is done but needs grand modifications Full migration was successfully completed

Migration issues evolved due to:

  • source or target shopping cart wasn’t set up properly
  • some fields are missing
  • data was corrupted with a 3rd party module

New entities appeared on your source store after the migration

Target Store Data

The service clears data on your target store

The service preserves data on target store, complementing it with new items

Source Shopping Cart Type

Available for all shopping cart types supported by the service

Available for all shopping cart types supported by the service

Price 9%,11% or 13% of the total migration price, depending on which plan you choose 50% of current full migration (based on amount of created data)

Ability to transfer all data, as in a completely new migration

You can only transfer entities you’ve moved during the initial switch

Each of these additional services are easy to launch - find the needed migration in the migrations list in your account details and press the appropriate button. Recent Data Migration button will appear automatically after full transfer is completed, and so will Restart Migration button, if you ordered a Migration Insurance Plan beforehand.

Just set up the migration and choose the entities to move – the service will do the rest.

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