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What are the peculiarities of migration to/from 3dcart?

Please, ensure there's at least one customer created in your 3dcart store. If not, you won't be able to setup the migration properly

Due to technical restrictions of REST API 3dcart uses and the platform itself, migration to and from 3dcart has certain peculiarities you should know about.

  • Customer groups won’t be migrated to 3dcart

  • Reviews won’t be migrated either to or from 3dcart

  • All order statuses will be imported to 3dcart as “New

  • Migration of Shipping info (e.g. tracking number and weight) to 3dcart is possible from Magento only

  • Migration of invoices to 3dcart is possible from Magento and PrestaShop only (they’ll be migrated to “Transactions” section under the Type “Sale” and Methods “Manual”)

3dcart migration

Also, to avoid duplication of orders during the data transfer via REST API, you should clear them manually afterwards Demo migration. To do it, log in your 3dcart admin panel, go to “Orders”, enter C2C in a search field and delete the results. Then, you may proceed to Migration Wizard and launch Full migration.

3dcart migration

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