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Incapsula service was detected. What should I do to disable it?

In simple terms, Incapsula is a multi-function CDN service, initially designed to boost the website’s workflow, filter malicious traffic, block everything from DDoS assaults to spamming attempts to more sophisticated database injection attacks, provide load balancing and preserve the web page against known and emerging threats, including SQL injections, remote file injections, cross-site scripting and more.

Incapsula is a well-known and frequently used tool in the world of CDN. By means of its enterprise-level security measures, this service will obstruct the migration, so you’ll have to disable it. For this purpose, contact your hosting provider or do it manually, if the web store is hosted on your own server. To turn Incapsula off, follow step-by-step instruction listed below:

    1. Log in with your Incapsula account and open your admin panel;
    2. Check out the Incapsula status of your website (Fully Configured, Partially Configured, Not Configured);
    3. Click on More button;


Incapsule service disabling


    1. Click Disable to set the status to Not Configured;


Incapsule service disabling


    1. Now, your Incapsula service is turned off, enable it when the switch is successfully finished.


Incapsule service disabling


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