General Questions

Connection Bridge Not Found!

Please, make sure you have uploaded a Connection Bridge to your store root directory. You can check if the Connection Bridge files have been installed correctly. To do that enter http://[yourstore url]/bridge2cart/bridge.php within your browser address line. If the message “BRIDGE_INSTALLED” appears, it means the bridge files are working correctly. Otherwise set the permissions as following:

  • "bridge.php" - 644 (if /bridge2cart folder permission is set to 755) or 666 (if /bridge2cart folder permission is set to 777);
  • "/bridge2cart" folder - 755 (if bridge.php permission is set to 644) or 777 (if bridge.php permission is set to 666), depending on your server configuration.

If you face some troubles while setting the permissions, please contact our Support Team.

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