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How to fix PayPal authorization error: Do Not Honor?

This type of error typically occurs because your bank aborts transaction. That means that your information passes validation at Cart2Cart’s end, but your bank declines the authorization of your payment.

You can contact our Support Team for further instructions or resolve this issue by your own:

  1. Contact your bank as soon as it is the only transaction party that can see your authorization attempts.
  2. Let your bank manager know that you wish your transaction to go through.
  3. After, you’ll get a confirmation from your bank that you can try to pay again.
  4. Replace Cart2Cart order and pay as usual.
  5. If you still face errors mean that your purchase session is blocked because of previous declines. So, you will need to:
    • Wait at least 30 minutes before starting a new attempt;
    • Use another browser or clean cookies and restart your browser;
    • Make sure, you’ve done everything to start a new purchase session;
    • Replace the order and proceed with your migration.

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