General Questions

I run into an error during the payment process. What shall I do?

There are several things that may go wrong during the payment process so there may be several solutions.

First of all, try to clear your browsing history, cache and cookies. In some cases it will be enough to use a hot key combination Ctrl + Shift + Delete. If it doesn't work try to follow specific instructions for your browser.

Also, make sure your credit card number is entered with no spaces or dashes and your name is typed exactly as it appears on the credit card.

Extra Tips:

  1. The CVV code on Visa/MC will be a 3 digit number on the BACK of the card.
  2. The American Express CVV is the 4 digit number on the FRONT of the card.
  3. Avoid hitting the back button when making the purchase.

In case if none of above didn’t help feel free to contact our Support Team.

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