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Cart2Cart Contributor Guidelines

Cart2Cart Blog is a fast-growing, credible source with over 200, 000 visitors annually. We publish comprehensive, descriptive content and glad to accept tech guest posts from eCommerce experts. Want to become an author? Please, check your article against the Requirement List to improve your chances of getting featured.  

We look for unique and smart content. To us, this means high-quality original perspectives on the topics our readers care about. Exclusive ideas and actionable tips are the primary reasons users turn to Cart2Cart. We welcome experienced contributors and well-researched articles that give insight into fresh eCommerce trends, provide accurate information and offer creative solutions.

Content Quality Expectations:

  • Our Focus: We have customer voice in mind when evaluating what to publish. Our blog content should cover relevant eCommerce topics, that will be useful for the target audience, including shopping platforms comparisons and reviews, takeaway tips customers can put to use right away, tutorials for e-merchants, the latest news and trends on eCommerce.
  • Creativity: Our writings should inspire and educate therefore we’re interested in new ideas no one has discussed or even thought of yet. You can also outline a common problem and offer innovative advice to attract readers. The pieces on topics we’ve all read 100 times before won’t be selected for publication.
  • Length: Articles typically ranges from 1000 to 3000 words. Preferably, we aim for about 1200 - 1700 words.  
  • Trustworthy resources: To support the content by educational experience, real examples or additional information, contributors can weave in at least a few links to outside websites. But be savvy about the sources you cite. We won’t approve overly self-promotional posts and sales pitches. Acceptable links include relevant articles or reputable researches with DA of 50+.
  • Republishing: As it was mentioned above, Cart2Cart only accepts original content. Contributors can republish their posts 5-6 weeks after they go live, having changed the headline and used a rel=“canonical” tag.
  • Writing style: The submission you’re sending should be both informative for experts and easy for anyone to read and understand. Browse through our blog to better understand the tone, voice and writing style we use to attract readers. Check out if your topic has not yet been covered or present a new angle on an existing subject. Sloppy work with typos and factual errors won’t be accepted.

Apply To Become A Contributor

The first step to take for getting an article up on Cart2Cart blog is submitting a form.

Contributors should expect to receive a response within 1 week. If you have not heard from us after 3 weeks, your submission was likely rejected.

Once you get an onboarding email from us, you will be asked to provide a two-three-sentence bio and your headshot. The guest author can also hyperlink one website (if this source fits our requirements).

Accepted guest blog content will likely require editorial corrections and we reserve the right to revise, edit and update your posts in the future.

We’re looking forward to your requests!

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