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How can I upload Connection Bridge automatically?

Automatic upload is an alternative option, that permits to upload Connection Bridge without actually entering your FTP client.

To use it, provide your FTP details - host, port (If it’s different from “21”), login, password and the path to the folder where your store is. Most times, shops are located right in the “home” folder and then you can skip the last field, but if yours is somewhere deeper, enter the path to it in this fashion - “/path/to/your/store”.

Here’s an example of how the fields should be filled:

  • Host:
  • Port: 72 (or skip the field if your port is 21)
  • Login: User
  • Password: 555222
  • Path: /path/to/your/store (or skip the field is your store is right in the “home” folder)

Note: each hosting has its peculiarities, so if any problems occur with the automatic upload we recommend uploading Connection Bridge manually - it only takes a few seconds.

Watch our video guide to discover how to set up the Connection Bridge in the right way:

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