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FTP user privileges vs FTP file permissions

In some cases when Cart2Cart clients ask for additional customizations or fixes for their migration Cart2Cart engineers need a full access to all folders on the FTP. In case you create a unique user for Cart2Cart Team make sure you have granted access to FTP folders for this user. That means Cart2Cart tech staff will be able to:

  • Read. The user can download files from the folder.
  • Write. The user can upload files to the folder.
  • Run. The user can run extensions from the folder.

Usually, store owners set only file or folder permissions as 777 (that means enable all actions above) for users with full access.

But if the user has limited folder access he won't be allowed to do this actions even if folder has 777 access.

In order to prevent inconveniences:

  1. Send your own login details. It is the most comfortable way that requires minimum efforts.
  2. Add Cart2Cart user (or every user that is created/granted for Cart2Cart Team) to the group with full access to all folders of the FTP. It can be “Administrator” group, for example.
  3. Contact your host provider to set access to all folders for Cart2Cart user (or every user that is created/granted for Cart2Cart Team).

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