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What is the difference between Reseller and Affiliate programs?

Reseller is a company or individual who purchases products or services to resell them to potential customers rather than consume or use them. Resellers can use Cart2Cart to migrate stores for their customers and receive personal 40% discount for migrations. If you are shopping cart vendor, eCommerce development company, hosting provider or freelance developer, a Reseller program is the right choice for you. You will be able extend the range of provided services offering shopping cart migration to your customers(for example, hosting environment+shopping cart migration). The more migrations you perform from your account, the more is your discount value.
Check Cart2Cart Reseller Program for more information.

Affiliate is a company or individual who promotes a product or service to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on the sale when such occurs. Affiliates don’t perform migrations themselves and only refer customers to Cart2Cart website (for example, via banner or a referral link on their website). Affiliates get 20% commission out of each migration performed by their reference. If you are a blogger or website owners Affiliate program will be most beneficial for you. You can expose information about the automated migration service on your websites and thus generate many leads.
For more information check Cart2Cart Affiliate Program.

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