PrestaShop migration

Are you looking for a win-win solution? For a break-even, lucrative and reliable shopping platform? Well, you’ve come to the right place. PrestaShop is an insanely straightforward, free, leading and advanced sales cart with extended functionality and efficiency. From nothing to the jackpot you can, without any technical skills, create a brand new online shop. No frustration, no bugs, no wasteful expenses, leave all this stuff behind. PrestaShop offers a wide range of features, that guarantee the rapid development and immediate feedback from satisfied customers. Its endless list of benefits just cannot be fully presented in only one post. However, we’re not afraid of a dare, so check out the detailed review and the easiest way of PrestaShop migration.

PrestaShop Migration: What Does PrestaShop Have That Others Don’t?

All right, let’s get something clear. Officially launched in 2007, today PrestaShop can boast of 243,084 online retail stores all over the world! Client loyalty is embodied in 1 million community members. Isn’t such popularity the best proof of high quality?

PrestaShop migration

Generally, PrestaShop is a great blend between Magento's robustness and WooCommerce's usability. It’s not that expensive to maintain and customize as Magento and more superior than OpenCart.

PrestaShop’s 100+ employees speak many different languages. Actually, with such an astonishing number of eStores worldwide, they have no other choice. Currently, the software is available in 74 languages.

This platform was designed to grow and develop small, medium and big-sized business. Each detail has been worked out in keeping with this original intent. So, let’s hash things out.

Easy Peasy

What if you start to use and adjust PrestaShop not knowing anything about the platform? You can build a complete eStore with it - the best illustration of how user-friendly this sales panel is. No kidding, you can really wake up not having an online shop and go to sleep with a few sells made.

PrestaShop migration

It scores very high in the segment of usability because the installation requires minimal technical skills. You can install PrestaShop in only one click, and when it comes to daily operations, it’s easier than ever for both beginners and advanced users. Unlike other eCommerce carts, you’ll understand the system’s functionality on your own. Forget about additional specialists required to teach you the workflow of PrestaShop software. You’re your own boss now.

Embarrassment of Riches

On the official website, you may avail 2470+ PrestaShop themes and 3480+ modules for your online store, both free and paid ones. Numerous plugins are available for adding desired functionality, among them advanced modules, premium responsive templates, beautiful themes, top-end admin functionality, search engine optimization, secure transactions, ordering and even filters.

In the list of bestsellers, you can find the most popular plugins, other users have downloaded and rated. For instance, the most popular browser tab notification module displays the number of products in a customer's cart next to your store's favicon. It's a powerful and effective nudge to remind users they have a full cart and encourage them to check out, not receiving any reminder e-mails!

PrestaShop migration

An artist lives inside you? Great! With PrestaShop modules, you can edit colors, CSS, and fonts, add product images and descriptions, complete social media plugins, etc. Using all these tools, you’re able to create a magnificent, well-organized and truly beautiful eStore with easy navigation and clear ordering. Your customers will experience the best online shopping ever. The thin line between walk-in and loyal customer, right?

Free Swag

Isn’t “free” the sweetest word? Good news, with PrestaShop you’ll often stumble into it. Wait, we know what you’re thinking, but there are no hidden charges or tricks as well. All you have to do is download, create a database, upload the software to your server using an FTP client, and then install this service on your web hosting account. Once you’re done with this, the platform is entirely at your service. Perform PrestaShop migration and learn how to count your money quickly. Not costs, but profit.

If the price of doing business comes first for you - switch the data over to this cart with no regrets. The best thing about PrestaShop pricing is its absence.

Wherever You Go

Do you carry a computer around everywhere? Probably no. As well as your customers.

PrestaShop is highly responsive to cell phones, so it makes sense if you’d like to stay close to your shop, control everything whatever you do and keep in touch with clients worldwide.

The default PrestaShop templates are mobile-friendly, thus your store will work efficiently and smoothly and look fabulous on all portable devices. Furthermore, the User Interface, as well as the Admin Panel, can be operated and run through different screens.

PrestaShop migration

This friendliness will boost sales and enhance the capacity dramatically. PrestaShop could float into the cellular device all features of your store, along with sliding panels and standees for distinctive products and offers, without screwing them up.

Any time and from anywhere all clients will enjoy the finest mobile shopping on your eStore.

Safety in Numbers

It’s a no-brainer, that popularity is the most high-flying quality, which makes PrestaShop one of the well-known eCommerce platforms. Its vast support community is the best ever help a developer can dream of. Immediate freelancers on the PrestaShop hosting are ready to help you before you know it.

Taking care of both beginners and advanced developers, PrestaShop website is “armed to the teeth.” It includes general support portal with complete information about the platform’s different features, functions, and settings. FAQs and user guides can answer common questions and setup concerns.

PrestaShop migration

For personal interaction lovers, this cart offers an online support forum and PrestaShop community. Its customer service representatives won’t only answer all your questions but will also provide you with training courses and paid assistance if and when you require.

Conquer the world

If you wish to expand the boundaries of your business, PrestaShop has prepared a special treat - multi-store. This option helps users create and manage several stores within a single account. There's no need to correlate data and file versions, i.e., from now on you will be able to set different prices for the same product depending on the type of a store, country, and currency, target different groups of customers, etc. Learn how to enable multiple store feature here.

PrestaShop migration

Why Choose PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an ideal solution for those merchants, who are looking for a cost-free platform, user-friendly design, flexibility, rich customization features, highest security standards, and effective management tools. This open-source software not only allows business owners to expand their stores but also helps them to explore new and unique features.

Moreover, when it comes to PrestaShop migration, it is all worked out. This platform formally cooperates with Cart2Cart to ensure that customers get the best quality of data transfer.

PrestaShop Migration: Automated Way

So, to migrate your store to PrestaShop, you'll have to:

  1. Setup Source and Target carts.
  2. PrestaShop migration
  3. Choose data entities and additional options.
  4. PrestaShop migration
  5. Begin Demo Migration
  6. PrestaShop Migration
  7. Proceed to Full Migration of your store

Detailed guide on how to perform PrestaShop migration can be found here.

PrestaShop Migration: Final Verdict

To sum up, PrestaShop is an ideal platform to run a multilingual eStore for virtual and physical goods. The function utility is far more than any user has ever dreamed of having on the websites. As for efficiency, the platform is lightweight and well optimized, thus not loading the servers.

Add to this numerous outstanding PrestaShop templates, add-ons, free domain name, free shared SSL, special deals and promotions, cross-selling, and affiliate programs. Can you imagine what is better? Hardly. But PrestaShop developers can. And they’re not going to be complacent.

So, don’t lose your chance, take into consideration the above-mentioned reasons for PrestaShop migration, try Free Demo and mint money. Cart2Cart will help you to introduce your eStore to the world and hit the jackpot!