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Magento SEO Strategies That Work: A Comprehensive Guide

“How do I get my website on the first page of Google?” If you’re thinking – Google ads, we hate to break it to you, but that won't do much to drum up business. People absolutely hate ads on SERPs. 96% of users breeze past them, heading straight to organic results, even though paid ads occupy the top three slots. SEO will always reign supreme. With that in mind, this article takes a deep dive into the top Magento SEO strategies you can implement to put your business directly in front of customers looking for it. Why SEO Matters for Your Magento Store The life and death of your eCommerce business relies entirely on its ability to attract new customers. Here’s why SEO is important for your Magento Store. To Drive Brand Awareness Most online stores rely on search engine optimization as a low-cost alternative for brand awareness. Your business’s...

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ecommerce seo best practices

eCommerce SEO Best Practices | 12 Tips

Most online store owners are aware how crucial it is to rank high in search engine results page. However, not all of them have a clear insight of eCommerce SEO...

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Fresh Insights: ECommerce Platforms Market Share | Migration Trends

Finding the best shopping cart to run a successful business was always a challenge. It depends on your needs, financial opportunities, store aims, products you sell and final result you...

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Why, How and Where to Transfer Wix eCommerce Site

Whether you are building personal website or running online business, the way you do it and platform you use bring a lot of consequences. There is no absolute “top” or...

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3 Ways to Encourage Ecommerce Customer Engagement on Your Site

According to Big Commerce, eCommerce is growing 23 percent year-over-year. Moreover, according to the US Government, 53 percent (around 1 billion people) of the global Internet users have engaged in...

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In Depth xt:Commerce NEXT Review

xt:Commerce NEXT is a Germany-based progressive SaaS version of xt:Commerce open-source shopping cart. It is designed for a fast and effortless entering to the e-Commerce market and offers a comprehensive,...

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import_products_from_etsy _to _shopify

Best Solution to Import Products from Etsy to Shopify

Etsy is a fast-growing marketplace that attracts a significant number of merchants worldwide since it’s a perfect place to trial new business ideas. But with the expanding of your business...

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