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Why to Choose Cart2Cart?

Migrate Everything

We provide the market’s most comprehensive data transfer functionality. Cart2Cart is capable of retrieving and importing every bit of your online store.

Automate Complex Stuff

Shopify import via Cart2Cart is easy to launch. The service boils down a complex procedure to a few simple steps that require no tech skills, programming or manual data manipulations.

Save Time & Money

An average automated migration via Cart2Cart takes just 4 hours with minimum user involvement. Not only it’s blazing fast, it’s also much more affordable than developer services.

Play Safe

Cart2Cart is a trusted solution with a track record dating since 2009. We established a 100% secure approach to migration and guarantee the quality and safety of your online store data transfer.

Get Help 24/7

Cart2Cart Support Team has your back on every step 24/7. Hit us up via phone or email, or join a live chat for immediate assistance.

Sell while Migrating

There’s no need of putting your business on hold while performing data import! Your current store will be online and available for customers all the time.

Data You Can Import





Product variants









CMS Pages

And other data

Save Time and Resources

times easier & faster
than manual data import

times more reliable
than custom scripts

times less expensive
than hiring a dev agency

How Much Shopify Import is Going to Cost?

Delegate Shopify Import to Cart2Cart Team

Your data transfer requires peculiar customizations? There are no limits! We’ll take care of any, even the most complicated,
technical request. Shopify import can be done absolutely on our side if you want to save time and minimize efforts.
Choose the plan that fits your requirements or contact Support to
investigate data import for your store.

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Getting Started is Easy


Specify Source and Target
carts details

After the installation of Cart2Cart Shopify migration app define your Source Cart and provide its URL.


Choose entities to be

Select categories you want to import to Shopify and extra options to enhance migration functionality.


Lauch Free Demo to get
results in 30 minutes

Select categories you want to import to Shopify and extra options to enhance migration functionality.


1. Can import of data to Shopify influence my current store performance?

No, there is no interference in the website performance and the chances that any data becomes unavailable are excluded. There will be no downtime for you old eshop. Information on your source cart will remained untouched as we duplicate the data to the Shopify store.

2. Will my old store SEO URLs remain working after Shopify migration?

While importing your eCommerce data to Shopify we strongly recommend choosing two additional option “Create the 301 redirects on your target store after migration” and “Migrate categories and products SEO URLs”. They will ensure your SEO won’t be affected by data export. More info

3. Will Cart2Cart import images to Shopify store?

Definitely yes. You’ll be able actually to export product, categories, and manufacturers images to your new Shopify store. Besides, migration of images in descriptions of products, categories and blog posts is possible as well. Just select the additional option while setting up the migration.

4. Can I migrate categories and subcategories of products to Shopify?

Sure, Cart2Cart automated migration service will help you preserve all the relations between product categories and subcategories adopting them to the Shopify specific system of collections and tags. Find out how to make it all work.

5. What is Recent Data Migration and when is it necessary?

Your store might not be ready to go live right after the transfer. Continue selling on the old one and use Recent Data Migration to add fresh entities to your new store. More info

6. What kind of support is offered for Shopify import?

Cart2Cart clients receive professional assistance 24/7. Support managers are available via phone, tickets or live chats. Regardless what type of question you have - we’ll do the best to solve it quickly and efficiently.

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We'd love to hear from you!

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