How to cancel Shopify free trial

Red Bull, Heinz, Tesla, Sephora, KKW Beauty. These big brands all have one thing in common: They are powered by Shopify.

While there’s no doubt that the online shopping platform is a force to reckon with in the eCommerce space, not everyone is drawn to it. If you recently signed up for it and are now trying to figure out how to cancel Shopify free trial, you’re in luck! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to cancel Shopify subscription.

Understanding Shopify Subscription Plans

Whether you're running a small, medium, or large enterprise or are looking to launch a startup, chances are there's a Shopify subscription plan that'll match your business needs and budget. It is highly scalable, allowing you to start with the most basic plan and work your way up as your business grows.

Shopify offers several tiered pricing plans, with higher tiers offering more features. The standard features available in all four plans include:

  • An online store with a pre-built theme
  • High-converting checkout
  • Shopify POS
  • Multi-channel sales capability
  • eCommerce apps

With that in mind, here’s a brief overview of Shopify subscription plans.

Starter – $5 per month

The Starter plan is designed for businesses that want to sell through social media, their official website, or messaging apps without necessarily having a dedicated online store. It lets you add a Buy button, which customers can use to make purchases.

Basic – $32 per month

The Basic plan is designed for solo entrepreneurs, making it an excellent choice for small enterprises looking to build a solid online store. The plan supports several omnichannel capabilities, such as dropshipping, and allows you to list an unlimited number of products in your store, social media channels, and online marketplaces.

Shopify – $92 per month

The Shopify plan is designed for businesses with small teams. It includes everything in the Basic plan plus five additional staff accounts.

Advanced – $399 per month

The Advanced plan is designed for scaling businesses. If you sell large volumes in your physical and online stores and need more advanced features, this plan makes the most sense. It supports up to 15 staff accounts and offers unlimited storage capacity.

Retail – $60 per month

The Retail plan is designed for established businesses looking to enhance their operations with in-person sales tools, including inventory, staff, and loyalty solutions.

Shopify Plus – $2,300 per month

Shopify Plus is also designed for established businesses with high growth potential that want to expand their revenue opportunities.

Enterprise Commerce – Custom Pricing

The Enterprise Commerce plan is designed for established enterprise organizations that want to improve their performance, agility, and speed of deployment.


Reasons for Canceling Free Shopify Subscription

While Shopify is extremely versatile in terms of capabilities, it might not be a good fit for you or your business goals. Here are 10 common reasons why a merchant would opt to cancel their free Shopify subscription.

1. End of Trial Period

If you’re looking to set up a new online store, Shopify might seem like the ideal way to dip your toes into the eCommerce pool. The free trial provides a low-risk, low-cost way for new entrepreneurs to launch new ventures and test the viability of their businesses in the current economic landscape. If things don’t pan out as expected, they may opt to cancel their Shopify free subscription.

2. Limited Customization Options

Shopify only lets merchants customize their store's front end. It means you cannot edit the source code and, therefore, cannot modify the backend. This limited customization capability makes it impossible for developers to implement major changes to Shopify-powered stores.

3. Scalability Issues

While Shopify offers a diverse range of plans suited to businesses of all sizes, the reality is that expanding your store might not be as easy as you think. Sure, if you initially signed up for a higher tier plan from the get-go, you’re unlikely to encounter any issues when scaling up your business. However, if, for instance, you’re running a dropshipping business and want to have multiple accounts, this may be impossible to do with Shopify.

4. Portability Limitations

Suppose you've created an online store using the Shopify free trial. For whatever reason, you're unhappy with it and wish to migrate your eCommerce site to a different platform without having to start from scratch. Re-platforming from Shopify is a highly complex process and will likely require technical assistance from experts.

Your best bet would be to employ automated shopping cart migration tools like Cart2Cart for a seamless re-platforming process without running the risk of losing business-critical data.

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5. Financial Constraints

Financial considerations are a major driving force behind the decision to cancel a free subscription. Once you’ve had a feel for the platform and have factored in the total cost of the extensions required to make your store fully functional, upgrading to a paid plan may not be feasible for your business from a financial standpoint. As a result, you may have no choice but to cancel your free trial in favor of a more affordable option.

6. Business Closure

In the same breath, the decision to cancel your Shopify free trial may be intertwined with a much broader narrative. A shift in personal circumstances, the strategic outlook of the company, or market conditions may prompt you to bring the curtain down on your current venture and, therefore, cancel Shopify free trial.

7. Migration to a Different eCommerce Platform

During the Shopify free subscription period, you may find that the platform isn't aligned with your evolving business strategy. For this reason, you might decide to terminate your free trial and migrate your store to a different eCommerce platform offering enhanced capabilities or a more tailored solution.

8. Transition to a Paid Plan

On the flip side, you might decide to end your Shopify free trial, not as an end but rather as a transition to a higher-tiered plan that’s better suited to your business’s current stage of development. It is not uncommon for users to cancel their free trial and opt for a paid subscription if they’re satisfied with the platform as a whole.

9. Technical Issues

If, for some reason, you encounter recurring technical glitches during your free trial, it might force you to re-evaluate your present subscription and search for a more optimum platform. Slow loading speeds and persistent downtime are two of the most common reasons why merchants abandon one eCommerce provider in favor of another.

10. Unsatisfactory User Experience

User experience is highly subjective. What might seem like an insignificant issue to one user might be a deal-breaker for another and, as such, grounds to cancel their Shopify free trial. Poor site performance, issues with customer support, and other sub-par aspects of the platform might result in merchants canceling their Shopify free trial.

Preparing for Cancellation

Once the Shopify free trial ends and you're ready to cancel your subscription, you need to take care of a few things.

First, you need to delete the credit card details you saved. This ensures there's no risk of erroneous billing once your trial period lapses. To do this, go to the Billing section in your Shopify account and delete your credit card details.

Next, you need to unlink your store’s custom URL from Shopify. Keep in mind that this only applies if, after signing up for the Shopify free trial, you linked your website to a custom third-party URL. To do this, go to Settings in your admin dashboard and click Domain. Next, choose the domain you want to unlink and click Remove.

If you installed any premium add-ons to your store, you need to uninstall them to avoid future billing once the next pay period rolls around. To do this, navigate to the Apps section on the leftmost sidebar of your Shopify admin dashboard and select App and Sales Channel settings. In the dialog box that appears, click Uninstall for each of the apps in the list. Ensure you’ve cleared any pending invoices before you do.

You also need to back up your store data—customer details, product data, financial records, etc. While Shopify retains your data for up to 30 days, it is always a good idea to have a copy of your own just to be safe. The easiest way to back up your store data is to export it as a CSV file, although you can opt for any one of the formats provided by Shopify. Ensure the size of the file in the format you pick doesn’t exceed 15MB.


At the very least, the exported file should include the following business-critical data:

  • Billing history
  • Customer details
  • Financial records
  • Gift card and discount codes
  • Product data
  • Order details

If you are canceling your Shopify free trial because you believe you found a better alternative, carefully compare the features of each platform and weigh their pros and cons before making the switch.

Finally, ensure that you develop a well-crafted communication plan. Merchants often overlook this step when canceling their Shopify free trial. Regardless of the plans (or lack thereof), you may have for your online store; you must keep your customers in the loop. Not only is it a courtesy, but it is also critical to nurturing and maintaining existing relationships.

Your communication plan should convey the reasons behind switching platforms and reassure customers of continued services. If you’re closing your business entirely, ensure that this decision is communicated transparently as well.

Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling a Free Shopify Subscription

At this point, you’re now ready to proceed with the trial cancellation process. Here’s how to cancel Shopify subscription:

Step 1: Access the Shopify Admin Dashboard

Enter your Shopify account login credentials to access your admin dashboard. You can only cancel your free trial if you have access to your store’s admin area and can view your current status on the platform.

Step 2: Navigate to the Plan Section

Once you’ve logged in, click the Settings icon located on the bottom left sidebar of your admin dashboard. Navigate to Plan to review your current subscription details, which, in this case, is the free trial. You’ll be able to view the number of days you have left in your trial period, any pending charges you may have racked up so far, and your next billing date.

Step 3: Initiate the Cancellation Process

Under the Plan section, you will be presented with two options:

  • Pause or Cancel Subscription: This option allows you to temporarily take a break from Shopify with the option to reopen your store later.
  • Cancel Subscription: This option permanently deletes your Shopify account, including any stores you might have under that account.

Click the Cancel Subscription button. Once you do, a pop-up labeled Cancel subscription will appear. To permanently terminate your association with Shopify, click Cancel Subscription and Close Store. Shopify will then prompt you to provide a reason for your account deletion. Click the dropdown menu, pick the most appropriate reason for closing your Shopify account, and click Continue.

Shopify then conducts a preliminary security check, which requires you to input your password. This final step completes the trial cancellation process. Your account will be deactivated immediately, and you'll no longer be eligible for a free trial.

Your store data and any configurations you had will be preserved on the platform for 30 days after cancellation. You can still reopen your store during this window. Once the 30-day period elapses, you can no longer reactivate your store.

Contacting Shopify Support

If you encounter any issues when canceling your free trial or are not quite sure how to cancel Shopify subscription, you can always reach out to Support for help. The team responds to queries promptly and can even handle the entire cancellation process for you if necessary. You can contact Shopify Support via live chat or submit a ticket through their website.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Shopify Help Center and use the resources provided to troubleshoot and resolve any challenges you might be experiencing when canceling your free trial.

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Considerations After Canceling

Here are a few things to keep in mind once you cancel your Shopify free trial.

Look Out for Deals

Once you've canceled your free trial and your account has been deactivated, keep a close eye on your emails. Shopify periodically sends out promotional deals to entice users to upgrade to a paid account. Popular offers include massive discounts on subscription fees and extended trial periods.

If one such offer piques your interest, assess it carefully to ensure that it aligns with your business goals and is within your budget. If it meets these criteria, it would be in your best interests to take advantage of it and reap massive savings if you decide to transition to a paid plan.

Keep in mind that the decision to cancel a Shopify free trial should be based on a keen understanding of your business’s short and long-term needs and goals. It should align with the overall vision you have for your business’s future growth and success.

Migrate Your Store to a Different Platform

Once you’ve established that Shopify isn’t the best platform for your business and have opted to cancel your trial subscription in favor of a different eCommerce provider, you must transition your website carefully. Take the time to compare other shopping cart providers and see how they measure up in terms of cost, scalability, and customization.

Ensure that your preferred platform meets your business’s unique requirements and create a migration plan that minimizes customer disruption. To eliminate the risk of downtime and data loss, it might be worth looking into automated shopping cart migration tools like Cart2Cart. The goal is to ensure a smooth, seamless transition from Shopify to your preferred platform so you don't have to build up your store from scratch.

Extend Your Shopify Free Trial

It is not uncommon for merchants to terminate their Shopify subscription before the expiry of the free trial. If you feel like you may have canceled your free trial prematurely and would like to reactivate it so you can explore all the features in depth, you can contact the Shopify Support team and request an extension.

Additional Considerations

It is worth noting that after you've canceled your Shopify free trial:

  • You will no longer have access to your storefront and admin area.
  • You will still incur recurring charges from paid third-party apps whose subscriptions you have not canceled.
  • You’ll need to secure your domain name with a registrar if you intend to use it on a different platform.
  • You’re still responsible for any outstanding charges on your Shopify account.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

One common issue many merchants encounter is incurring charges even after canceling their subscriptions. This issue typically arises when a user signs up for a free trial and then picks a paid plan before the trial period ends. Since the billing system is automated, the store will immediately be enrolled in the plan as soon as the trial period ends, and the merchant will receive an invoice for the amount due.


If this happens to you and you still wish to cancel your free (and paid) subscription, you must first pay the outstanding invoice, cancel your account, and then request a refund. Here’s how to unsubscribe from Shopify:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Log into your Shopify dashboard and click Settings on the bottom left sidebar.

Step 2: Go to the Billing Section

Under Settings, click Billing.

Step 3: Cancel Your Shopify Account

Scroll to the Cancel Your Account section and select Cancel Your Account. Validate the prompt that appears to confirm that you would like to proceed with the cancellation.

Step 4: Contact Shopify Support

Finally, you'll need to contact the support team to request a refund. Keep in mind that this is only possible if you're still within the 30-day window of enrolling in a paid plan. You won’t be eligible for a refund once this period expires.

Alternatives to Cancellation

Here’s what you can do instead of canceling your Shopify free trial:

1. Leverage the Free Trial Extension

Shopify offers a three-day free trial period. Once it expires, you can extend the trial period for one month at $1 to explore the platform's capabilities and assess whether it aligns with your business's goals.

2. Pause Your Store

If you subscribed to a paid plan during the free trial period and are now thinking of canceling it, consider pausing your store instead. This option allows you to maintain your website at a nominal monthly fee, in case you change your mind later and wish to reactivate it. The Pause and Build plan is an excellent option for merchants whose stores operate seasonally or only open for limited durations.

3. Explore Other eCommerce Platforms With Free Trials

Before canceling your Shopify account entirely, it might be a good idea to explore other eCommerce platforms to see how they measure up. If they also offer free trials, use the opportunity to explore essential features and get a firsthand feel for their interfaces. That way, if you decide to proceed with your Shopify account cancellation in favor of a different platform, you can rest easy knowing you made the right choice.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it—everything you need to know about how to cancel Shopify free trial. The free subscription plan is a risk-free, zero-cost way to explore everything the platform has to offer. That way, you can decide whether it’s a good fit for your eCommerce enterprise without having to fork up a bunch of money in advance.

If you're not impressed by the platform, you can cancel your Shopify free trial at any time in favor of a solution that meets your business goals and requirements. Use the tips in this guide to help make the transition as smooth as possible while avoiding potential issues.

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Can I cancel a Shopify subscription during the free trial?

You can cancel your Shopify subscription and deactivate your online store at any time, even during the trial period. To do this, log into the admin dashboard, click Settings, navigate to Plan, and select Cancel Subscription to permanently delete your store. Alternatively, select Pause or Cancel Subscription to temporarily take a break from Shopify.

Does Shopify automatically charge you after the free trial?

If you select a paid plan before the trial period ends, Shopify will automatically charge you once the trial expires. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must first pay any outstanding amount, cancel your Shopify account, and then request a refund.

Is Shopify free to cancel?

Shopify only allows you to cancel your subscription once you’ve settled any outstanding fees. Any existing invoice must first be paid before you can cancel or deactivate your account.

How do I cancel my free trial on Shopify?

Here’s how to unsubscribe from Shopify: Log into your admin dashboard, click Settings, navigate to Plan, and click Cancel Subscription. In the pop-up that appears, click Cancel Subscription and Close Store, pick a reason for your account deletion from the dropdown menu, and click Continue.