How to Avoid Risks with Migration Insurance?

Insurance has evolved as a process of safeguarding the interest of people from loss and uncertainty. Needless to say, all spheres of human being are always exposed to different kinds of risks. Risk involve the losses and insurance is a tool which helps to reduce the cost of loss. Moreover, it removes the fears, tensions, anxiety, frustration of the human mind associated with the future uncertainty. Migration process is not an exception and it sometimes may happen when you need to start your migration all over again. Cart2Cart gives a second chance and offers a possibility to insure your data transfer with Migration Insurance .

Why You May Need a Migration Insurance?

Since, you can’t predict all the circumstances that may happen in future, Cart2Cart Team offers a possibility to insure your migration and start the migration from the very beginning. What may be a reason to restart your data migration?

  • Incorrect shopping cart installation. In a case, your source or target shopping carts weren’t set up properly you may face inconveniences during the migration process or not accurate result after data transfer. That’s why you may need to restart your migration.
  • During the post migration store development data was modified. Started to customize a store after migration is completed? Something went wrong and your data is modified or corrupted? You can insure yourself from such a situation.
  • Data was corrupted with third party module. Diverse extensions can influence your data in different ways. In a case you face unpredictable result and you data was damaged, you can restart the migration process.

What You Will Get?

On a step of migration Wizard right after Demo Migration you will be able to choose an appropriate Migration insurance. Different insurance period and number of possible migrations will help to choose an option suitable for your specific case. So, what exactly you will get after ordering Migration Insurance?

  1. Confidence. You Don’t have to worry about future uncertainty. In a case, you face unforeseen circumstances, it’s not a problem at all. Restart your migration in a few mouse clicks.
  2. Reasonable price. Insurance price won’t dramatically influence your pocket, since the price ranges from only 9% to 13% of total migration cost. Comparing with Remigration Service, which is calculated as 50% off initial Full Migration, Migration Insurance is definitely cheaper. Moreover, it can be done several times. Everything depends on a plan you are going to choose.
  3. Saved time. You will be able to minimize time expenditures by restarting migration without contacting our Support Team, no time spending on a separate payment.

What are Peculiarities of Migration Insurance?

  • Additional options. Migration Insurance doesn’t provide a possibility to enable Additional options, except from those that were included to your initial migration. If you wish to add new or disable some additional options, you will have to contact our Support Team.
  • Clear data. In order to avoid data mixing you should clear all the data after initial migration. Data clearance will be provided for free. Please note, this process is irreversible, so it is highly recommended to make a backup.
  • You will be able to restart only your initial migration. It means, source and target store URLs have to be the same as during your initial data transfer.

As you can see, everything is easy as abc. Insure your migration, and remove all possible risks.