Rostyslav Demush

After years of blogging I still like it enough to keep looking for interesting angles on each subject, and loathe it enough to never post a word more than needed to convey my point.

domain name switch

How to Switch a Domain Name After Migration: Handy Tips

As you probably know, making a domain name famous is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and money. But what happens if you want to re-platform? Do you...

Must-Know Tips | 4 MIN READ

Post-Migration Checklist. Tried & True Tips

eCommerce replatforming is not a one-click affair at all, but if you have managed to transfer all the store entities and failed to consider the post-migration activities, you are almost...

Migration Guides | 3 MIN READ
Shopware review

Shopware Review - A Winning Hand in High-Stakes Game

Today, our writers want gratitude from you. They’ve really done the impossible - reviewed Shopware. Researching this cart, in the English-speaking portion of the web, is like researching Bigfoot. Everybody...

Must-Know Tips | 4 MIN READ
How to Improve Magento Security

Improve Magento Security: 10 Step How-to-Guide

Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that was launched in 2007. Today, the majority of people use this platform to expand online businesses. If you go by an estimate prepared...

Shopping Carts Reviews | 5 MIN READ
Magento vs WooCommerce SEO Comparison

SEO Features Comparison: Magento vs WooCommerce

SEO, or the lack of it, has an enormously strong effect on the success of running any kind of e-business, including online retail. Accordingly, your store will most likely experience...

Must-Know Tips | 10 MIN READ
Import Product CSV to Magento Automatically - Avoid Bugs and Duplicates

Import Product CSV to Magento Automatically - Avoid Bugs and Duplicates

Transferring e-Commerce data from CSV (XML, etc.) files to a platform appears risky and complicated, especially to non-technical merchants. Despite a plethora of educational materials on the Internet - detailed...

Must-Know Tips | 6 MIN READ